Like two drops of water: Julio César Chávez and Armando Hernández together in the series Se Rentan Cuartos

Julio César Chávez y Armando Hernández juntos en la serie Se Rentan Cuartos

Julio Cesar Chavez will act together with Armando Hernandez, the actor who played him in the series The cesar, but this time, both will be together in the series Rooms for Rent from Comedy central.

The first chapter of the new season of Rooms for Rent, where it will appear Julio Cesar Chavez, will premiere this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in central Mexico on the channel Comedy Central.

The former boxer shared in his networks a preview of the chapter where he interacts with Hernandez, who in the series plays José Ignacio “Pepenacho” Garza De La Garza. And precisely, the special participation of Chavez will be inspired by the great resemblance to the character of Hernandez. From the mannerisms to the manner of speaking, something that will greatly intrigue the family of Pepenacho.

Chavez He said he was happy to participate in this program and thanked the entire cast for such a pleasant experience on the small screen.

“I await your humble opinion on my stellar performance. I hope you have fun like I did, ”he wrote on his Instagram.

The day that Julio César Chávez scolded Armando Hernández

When I was in the middle of recording The cesar, the actor told an anecdote that he lived with Julio Cesar Chavez at Otomí Ceremonial Center, in the program Members on Air. And it is that the champion thought that the performance of Hernandez it was very exaggerated.

“We agreed that I was filming in the Otomí ceremonial center, he was in concentration with the junior because he was going to fight against him “Canelo” and two people come to the set and say they were coming for Armando Hernandez from the lord ChavezArmando recalled.

After the actor sealed that Chavez He began to scold him because he did everything very exaggerated when he spoke and that he wanted him to change it. Armando in response began to imitate him at that moment to calm things down.

“They will start talking to each other and July Suddenly he turned around and said: ‘Did he speak like this?’

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