Suárez: the talk with Koeman, the advice to Araújo, and when he recommended Darwin Núñez to Barcelona

Suárez: the talk with Koeman, the advice to Araújo, and when he recommended Darwin Núñez to Barcelona

The Gunman aimed his bullets: Luis Suarez gave an interview to the Twitch of the Spanish journalist Gerard Romero where he referred to his departure from Barcelona, ​​and the present of the club.

Suárez reiterated that he is very grateful to Barcelona because he trusted him at a difficult moment in his career, such as the suspension he received in the 2014 World Cup for the bite of Giorgio Chiellini. However, he acknowledged that the way in which he was informed of his departure from the club, through a phone call from coach Ronald Koeman “of, maximum, 40 seconds”, continues to hurt.

The forward remarked that it bothered him that Koeman was not clear with him when telling him that he would not count on him. “The call was in that aspect, that I did not enter into their plans. If I did not enter into your plans, why do you tell me that later if I do not finish rescinding, if I do not resolve the situation, you are going to count on me for the weekend? How are you going to count on me if I didn’t fit into your plans? For that, if you have so much personality, you tell me: the club does not love you, people do not want you to be there, a certain part of the board does not want you to be there. That is sincerity and having personality. Or do you say ‘no, I want to keep him, he’s not performing as much, but I want to get him out of this and that of the other’. Perfect, I understand it, but it’s one thing or another, it wasn’t clear to me, ”he said.

Asked what he would have said if they asked him to cut his salary by half as the referents did in this last stage, he said that in his case that was not the problem and that he would have done it “without any problem to help the club” . He also clarified that Barcelona does not owe him money after his departure.

The news of Barcelona and the request for patience

Last weekend, Suárez scored against Barcelona in the victory of Atlético Madrid. Speaking of how he saw his former teammates in that game, he said that “he saw a team that is having a hard time emotionally.” “It hurt me to see my teammates like this, but they are rivals and I owe myself to the club that I defend today,” he added and mentioned that knowing the moment that the culé team is going through, they had to be lethal when facing them.

He revealed that the Barcelona goalkeeper, Marc-André ter Stegen, told him after the game: “how calm to define.” “And well …, what am I going to say?”, Commented the Salta. One of those who suffered it in that game was the Uruguayan Ronald Araújo, to whom he dedicated several jokes throughout the interview, since he is sharing a room with him in the Celeste concentration. Asked if he was one of the best in Barcelona, ​​Suárez replied: “Until the other day he played against me. And before he suffered with Darwin Núñez. It is seen that he does not like to play against the Uruguayans. Let’s see how it is against Valencia that he has Maxi Gómez, he is the one that is missing ”, he said with a laugh. In a more serious tone, he then said that Araújo has an admirable personality for his age, and that he has “a hierarchy that is very contagious.”

“He has things to correct, but if they keep him at a level, they take care of him and he gets used to living with the pressure of playing for Barcelona every three days … I told him it’s not easy. You arrive in Barcelona and people forget that three days ago you broke it against Bilbao, Granada or whatever. They demand you every game and you have to live with that, “he said.

Regarding the possibility that a historic man like Xavi could lead the club, he said that he understood that someone who was a legend as a player was unlikely to have the same career as a DT given the unstable situation the institution is going through. He also mentioned that it would be difficult for him to manage the most experienced, who are his friends, at a time when fans are asking for a generational change. “He is the number 1 candidate because he knows the club, he can get a lot out of the players, he knows the philosophy of the club, which is 4-3-3 and not doing strange things. He knows how to treat young people and has a trained coaching staff. It is my opinion. If he sees that the moment is now because he has to accept the reality of the club, he can perfectly do it now. He knows what reality is like, but people have to be patient with him so that he can get the most out of the club, “he added.

Suárez also commented that, at the time, they asked him for recommendations for strikers and he mentioned Darwin Núñez, when he played in Almería. “I told them, take care of this one, look at him, he has interesting things. They told me no, that I was in Almería and I was very young. I understand it, but instead of paying 60 or 80 million today, they paid less there to have him as an equal substitute, “he said.

The arrival of Griezmann and the training of Atlético

He also spoke about the arrival of Antoine Griezmann at Atlético Madrid, he said he was not expecting it, “but he sensed something.” He said that in the days before the closing of the passing period, speaking with his teammates, he told them he had that feeling, and they did not take it seriously. When the transfer of the Frenchman was signed, some did not believe that it was just a premonition. “Rodrigo De Paul was with the Argentine National Team and when the Antoine thing happened, he wrote to me and said: ‘you already knew something, right?’ I told him, I swear not, but I sensed that Atlético was going to wait until the last to try to bring him in, ”said Suárez. He also assured that he has a very good relationship with Griezmann, that he never had an argument with him at Barcelona, ​​and that they have got together to share roasts.

They also asked him about Atlético’s training sessions, and how different they were from Barcelona’s. “It is not that they are longer, it is the intensity they put on it, the contagion they have, that the teacher is pressing there, the coach is there constantly. If you have a coach who is quieter, that makes you relax more, but I don’t think there is much difference, “he commented.

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