This will be the “lighter” costume that Deontay Wilder will wear to the ring

Así será el disfraz más liviano con que subirá Deontay Wilder al ring

Deontay Wilder will walk to the ring for his third fight against Tyson fury With a much lighter costume than the one he took out in February 2020 in his second confrontation with the British, who had a weight of 20 kilos, and according to the American affected his legs during the fight.

The designers Cosmo and Donato, who are in charge of making said outfit indicated that they already have the clothes they will wear ready “The Bronze Bomber”.

“It’s going to be significantly lighter,” Cosmo told TMZ. “So, we don’t have any drama at all.”

In the same way, they assured that Wilder He already tried on the costume a couple of weeks ago and said that he felt very good and that it will not give him problems later in his fight against Fury.

“It looks so amazing,” he added. Cosmo. “He was so happy … The outfit fits him perfectly and he’s ready to kill!” “It’s red and black from the Nigerian tribe,” he explained. “Red means funeral, it will be the funeral of Tyson fury the next fight ”.

Deontay Wilder blamed it on his costume

After losing the second fight against Tyson fury, Deontay Wilder noted that the weight of his disguise caused his legs to tire during battle.

For the third fight, Fury recommended to Wilder weigh your costume before wearing it.

“Maybe we should ask him to weigh his costume before he walks into the ring with him so there are no excuses this time,” he said. Fury to Boxing Scene. “It has been embarrassing for American boxing, really. Because this guy is supposed to be the American heavyweight champion of the world, and you come up with excuses like this on the world stage, with the world watching. It is absolutely pathetic. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it is a shame not only for boxing, but for his country, also for his family ”.

Fury think that Deontay Wilder He was wrong in not acknowledging his defeat and making all kinds of excuses, from the weight from the disguise to cheating and conspiracies against him.

“To make all these pathetic excuses for why he lost the fight, when all he had to do was reach out and say, ‘Fair play. You beat me at night and I will see you in the (third fight) ”, he sentenced.

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