Trust in Justin Herbert, the key for the Chargers in the season

Trust in Justin Herbert, the key for the Chargers in the season

The Angelenos’ aggressiveness at fourth time denotes great faith in the club’s second-year passer skills.

The confidence of Brandon staley on Justin herbert It has resulted in a constantly aggressive stance to be played on the fourth down. And that has been the defining quality in the first four games of Staley as coach of Los Angeles Chargers.

He also helped set the tone in Monday’s 28-14 win over Las vegas raiders.

Herbert completed passes to tight end Jared cook on a pair of plays on fourth and 2. The second, which occurred in the fourth quarter, helped extend a drive that ended with a 10-yard drive to touchdown to put the Chargers up by two touchdowns.

The Chargers they have completed four of five fourth-down plays this season. The offense has converted all four of its chances. His only failed attempt was a false punt in the first period of Monday’s game.

On Tuesday Staley indicated that, although Chargers They have shown their ability to convert, each decision has its own life.

“Just because you convert once to fourth down you can’t say ‘I think I’m playing with house money and I can take a chance again.’ That’s not what we’re doing,” he said. “We are trying to look at independent decisions as if they had their own life and if I think we have an advantage in the situation from the point of view of information, model, pace of the game or if I think it is the best for us.”

The Chargers they have been successful in all three of their fourth-and-shorts attempts (four yards or less to go) this season.

“It’s amazing that he believes in us, because everyone in the group also believes in ourselves. Anytime we face these situations, we know we have the right play. We know we have the right guys. We just have to go out and run, ”he said. Herbert.


Some believed that tight end production in The Angels would fall after Hunter henry signed with the New England Patriots, but Cook he has 16 receptions for 181 yards and a touchdown. His catches allow him to match his third-best figure in the first four weeks of his 13-year career.


The Chargers attempted a false punt in the first period, the kicker Ty long tried to throw the pass to the corner Tevaughn Campbell, but the receiver of the Raiders, Hunter renfrow, he perfectly read the play and broke it. Even if Campbell had held the pass, he would have come up short by a yard.

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