Video circulates of the moment in which Miguel Ángel González is taken to rehabilitation

Circula video de momento en que Miguel Ángel González es llevado a rehabilitación

Although he did not want to, help came to the former world champion Miguel Angel Gonzalez, who would be taken to one of the clinics Julio Cesar Chavez for their rehabilitation. This, according to a video that reached the writing of LEFT PUNCH, which recorded the moment when the former boxer is put into a car, in the middle of the street.

In the video it is observed that Miguel Angel Gonzalez he is put into a white car, and with some struggle he is taken to rehabilitation. The images were recorded with a phone by a person who calls himself a friend of the former fighter since the late 1980s, according to the video of just under three minutes. One of the people who participated in the transfer informs the recording that the World Boxing Council wants to help Gonzalez and that they will take you to one of the Julio Cesar Chavez.

It is unknown what will be the fate of the WizardWell, there are two Baja del Sol clinics, one in Culiacán, Sinaloa, and another in Tijuana, Baja California.

“It is an aid from the World Boxing Council, (Gonzalez) I was in the street area and it has been like this for a long time ”, says the person who participated in the transfer, trying to reassure the friend of Gonzalez. “They are not going to do anything wrong to him.”

In the video, the friend reveals that he was with Miguel at that moment when the car arrives to make the transfer.

“It felt good like that,” the friend of Gonzalez. “I was going to take him to eat, that’s what he was telling me that he didn’t want help, that he felt good like that, that his family was aware that he was on the street.”

During the chat with LEFT PUNCH the previous Sunday, the Wizard González He had stated that this was not the time to accept help. “These are pandemic days, they couldn’t help. Honestly, there is no job. There is a healthy distance, so, although they can, no, I prefer to forget a little ”.

That same day the neighbors of Gonzalez On Coahuila Street, in Roma, they had expressed their concern about their friend’s state of health, a situation that made them sad, since the Magician himself refused help on several occasions, although it seems to have come and now, the time to get it back .

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