“Anthony Joshua is obsessed with beating Usyk’s rematch,” says Eddie Hearn.

Anthony Joshua Usyk revancha

Promoter Eddie hearn noted that Anthony Joshua is obsessed with beating in the rematch Oleksandr Usyk, who snatched all of his heavyweight belts.

“Actually, obsessed is a better word (to describe) because since that fight, he (Joshua) he has only talked about it, ”he said. Eddie hearn in a column for the BBC. “What he needs to do and what he needs to change, in every conversation I’ve had with him.”

Hearn made it clear that AJ he’s completely frustrated with what he couldn’t do in the ring and wants to remedy it.

“I’ve seen a lot of comments about how his tactic was wrong, and it was,” acknowledges the promoter, “but it’s hard not to appreciate the things he did. Usyk. AJ he was frustrated because he knows he can do so much better and fought the wrong fight, but the performance of Usyk it was exceptional ”.

Usyk is different from what happened with Andy Ruiz

Eddie hearn think what happened to Anthony Joshua against Usyk, is different from what happened against Andy ruiz. In June 2019, the Mexican knocked out Joshua to snatch their titles, in one of the biggest surprises in heavyweight history.

“This definitely feels different from the defeat of Andy ruiz“, Explain Hearn. “That was one of the biggest surprises in heavyweight history. In this one, the fight plan was wrong and he was defeated by one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. There is no shame in losing to Usyk ”.

The promoter again assured that there is no comparison with the defeat he suffered against “Destroyer” what with Usyk.

“Returning to the defeat of Ruiz, that was different ”, he insists Hearn. “It was a shock that nobody knew what to say. Here, you can see the mind of AJ working overtime on how you can beat Usyk. It was as if from the first moment the preparation for the rematch began ”.

Anthony Joshua’s rematch against Usyk on the way

Eddie hearn assured that there are already several proposals for venues for what would be the rematch between AJ and the champion Oleksandr Usyk, plus a probable date.

“We will formally announce the rematch in due course and start planning with K2 Promotions – March or April is sensible for the rematch,” he said.

Usyk You have mentioned Kiev, your home country in Ukraine, as a potential location and we will discuss all options. When AJ He found out about it, had no problem, and found it quite exciting, he explained.

For his part, the promoter is looking for the rematch to take place again in the United Kingdom, since he knows that the profits would be much higher.

“I would like to do it in the UK and we have received offers from the Middle East, but we will see what is the best opportunity for both fighters,” he said.

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