For Paolo Montero, Araújo and Giménez “it is going to be a world-class center-back couple”

For Paolo Montero, Araújo and Giménez "it is going to be a world-class center-back couple"

Paolo Montero, coach of San Lorenzo, I speak in Last to the arc of radio Sport 890 on the present of his club, which this Monday will face Colón with the return of the tenant public to the Barça stadium.

Montero said that he and his team are happy “to be in an important team in Argentina that provides us with experience.” He acknowledged that they have had ups and downs at the sporting level, and that it is a team that is in transition, but stressed that They are still close to qualifying for the CONMEBOL South American Cup in the table, which is the goal set by the board when they hired them.

“There we are, working and rowing. On Monday we have a difficult game, as they are all in Argentine football, very competitive. It is against Colón at home with the public, knowing that there are many young people who can have the debut of playing with people. Hopefully it’s positive”, He indicated.

He also acknowledged that it raised some doubts about what the reaction of people and young players would be like when they made their debut on the field with the stands occupied. “People, worldwide, due to all the crises, are very aggressive. And for Latinos, soccer is like going to the Coliseum. It’s an expression, but they want to see blood. At times the team played well and others did not, you have to see the reaction of the people if you miss a pass. It is going to be a nice test for them, I hope they take it well, as a nice experience ”, commented Montero.

As for how he feels the pressure of the position and the public, he said that he did not feel it even playing because he enjoys it. “It’s the most beautiful thing there is to feel the pressure. Let people be next to you, cheer you on, give you a bitch. For me, feeling the pressure forces me. You always have to give your best, even in practice, because you are representing an institution, and they are always bigger than people. The public forces you, and if you have personality, it forces you to favor it ”, he added.

Montero also spoke about the present of Uruguay, and highlighted Ronald Araújo, defender of the Barcelona. “He is where he is for a reason, he arrived when he was young, it is a merit of his effort. He is like Josema Giménez, fast people, 1.88 meters tall, with good footing, scorers, there is the future. Despite the experience you have, Gimenez He is young and has a long way to go. It is going to be a world-class center-back couple. When we see Barcelona we see that day by day Araújo is becoming more of the position’s patron”, He expressed.

Asked who he thought would wear the captain’s tape in Uruguay when Godín is no more, and if it should be Giménez, he said yes, that although he does not know him personally, it is enough for him to see him play. “He IS a winner. Like Araújo, it is going to be the future. It could also be (Federico) Valverde or (Rodrigo) Bentancur, they have been headlines for two or three years despite their age in Juventus and Real Madrid, “said the former defender.

Regarding the midfield that Maestro Tabárez has used in recent times, with men with better footing and not so restricted to the brand, and how that can impact future generations, he said that “I hope that young people will look at Valverde, Vecino and Bentancur that they are mixed midfielders and that Uruguay continue to produce that type of midfielder, which is the one they play for the best teams in Europe ”. “They are athletes, 1.85 or 1.88, long, muscular physique. That is what they evaluate you in Europe when they want to buy you ”, he added.

Montero also responded about what is the vision that he perceives living in Argentina about Uruguay and its football, more than anything, La Celeste. For the DT, they are not afraid of Uruguay, but they have a lot of respect for him. “For us it has to be a pride, (Gerard) I hammered it said the other day, that the Uruguayan does not surrender, it is until the last, you have to kill them. This is how we interpret football”, He commented.

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