Mexico earned a special place in the heart of Matthew Stafford

Mexico earned a special place in the heart of Matthew Stafford

The Rams quarterback revealed in an exclusive interview with ESPN that he will fondly remember Cabo San Lucas for the professional changes that took place there for him and his family

The colors and landscapes of Mexico they earned a place in the memory and heart of Matthew stafford, well it was in Cabo San Lucas where it changed his life forever.

“It was a great coincidence. I had the opportunity to go on vacation with my wife and meet the coach [Sean] McVayWhen we were there I didn’t know where I was going to play the following season. When I finally returned to the country, I knew I was going to play for the Rams. It was a great experience that changed my life.

“Cabo is a place that will always have a place in my heart for the changes for me and my family, and the opportunities,” said the quarterback in an exclusive interview with ESPN.

After 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions, Stafford is living a new adventure with Los Angeles Rams, in a new division of the National Conference and in which he faces very complicated rivals such as Kyler murray and the Arizona Cardinals, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks already about San Francisco 49ers that have been in full growth in recent years.

Stafford He had a perfect pace in the first three weeks of the season, but this streak was snapped when he faced his first division rival, the Cardinals, who prevailed 37-20 and remained undefeated. When questioned whether the West of the NFC It was the most complicated division, the quarterback said that “it is difficult to say”, but accepted the good level that exists in all teams.

“It’s a very strong group, every team in our division has a very powerful defense, a balanced offense and quarterbacks playing at the highest level. It is a very talented division, week after week you have difficult challenges ”, said the captain of the Rams in the exclusive chat with ESPN.

On their next rival, the Seahawks, Stafford recognized how complicated it is to get into Lumen Field due to the great hobby of Seattle and accepted that the rival quarterback is at an excellent level, so they will have to be very attentive to what he does in conjunction with his offense.

“I played there before, it’s a difficult place to play in the NFL, very noisy, it will be a Thursday night game and everyone will go crazy having a good time, it is a great challenge for us. You watch the team recordings and you understand why it’s a great team. Russell He’s playing at a great level, all the wide open players make big plays in the passing game and his defense makes life difficult for the quarterbacks, ”he said during the interview.

The quarterback of the Rams you are not alone and fully trust your coach, Sean McVay, and in important weapons such as Cooper kupp, whom he praised for their qualities, but without forgetting the responsibility he has to guide his offensive.

“[McVay] He does a great job of giving us a good game plan and he’s a guy who can adjust on the fly, he’s able to understand what the defense wants to do against us and pick the spots to be more aggressive back, as well as make adjustments when it’s necessary. necessary. It has been a lot of fun working with him, he is a very intelligent guy, he has a great sense of the game and tries to put his players in positions to succeed, “he said about the head coach of the team. The Angels.

While his receiver acknowledged that “he understands the game, he has a great level, physically he is very talented, when he changes direction, he is bigger than people think, he does a good job when the ball is in the air. Every player in every position is talented in their own way, and it’s up to me to make sure I get these guys involved. “

Now, Stafford will have to leave behind the setback of the previous week and focus on winning his first game against a division rival, who has just won 28-21 to the 49ers.

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