Tyson Fury Behind The Character: His Mexican Friend Describes The Real Tyson

Tyson Fury mexicano

When the Mexican coach Jorge Capetillo met Tyson Fury, He was impressed by the quickness of the legs that the Briton had. In his years tied to boxing, which add up to more than a decade, he had never seen a man over six feet tall move as fast as he was. I knew of his talent, but watching him train King of the Gypsies, in that summer of 2019 in Las Vegas, it was unmatched. And that fighter before his eyes would change his life.

Capetillo, a Mexican migrant who has his boxing gym in Las Vegas, already had his own fame in boxing. He is the coach of several fighters, including the pen Jessie magdaleno. Also works as cutman, the man who is dedicated to treating boxers’ wounds in his corner when they are in full combat.

Tyson furySomehow, he had already heard of the work and fame of the Mexican from Guadalajara, Jalisco. So the tapatío did not go unnoticed by the world champion.

How Jorge Capetillo met Tyson Fury

“We were in the gym at Top rank. We had greeted each other, but we did not know each other as such, “he says. George Capetillo, in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “We met other times in the place, and on one of those occasions he approached me, and proposed that I work in his corner, as his cutman. I did not think. I told him it was a great honor for me ”.

The invitation of Fury it was special. Not only because of the fame that the British already dragged as a former unified heavyweight champion, but also because of how tight he is with his work team.

Since fighting in the United States (2018), Fury He only has nine people in his corner, including two of his brothers who accompany him both in his camp and in his fights. Capetillo He explains that there are other world champions who have up to 20 members in their team, but this is not the case of the English.

The integration of Capetillo the work team arrived a few months after Fury established his camp in the United States and just a few weeks after he first faced Deontay Wilder, who got the only draw in his professional career despite the fact that it was close to being defeated because Wilder knocked him down twice.

Capetillo It officially premiered at the corner of Fury in June 2018, when the British faced the German in Las Vegas Tom schwartz, whom he had no trouble beating by TKO in the second round.

The day Capetillo saved Fury undefeated

But the real challenge of the Mexican working with him King of the Gypsies would arrive in their second fight, when they faced the Swede Otto Wallin, also in Las Vegas.

In that fight against Wallin, already with the mexican Capetillo in your corner, Tyson fury decided to pay tribute to Mexico. From the weigh-in, the flag of Mexico waved on the stage and Tyson Fury he put on a mask of a Mexican wrestler; He walked to the ring wearing a mariachi hat and a tricolor serape with the shield of Mexico. His shorts and gloves also sported the colors of the Mexican flag.

It was a festive atmosphere, in a seemingly easy fight, in which nobody imagined that it was going to become not only one of the most complicated fights for Fury, but also in a real butcher shop.

“When Tyson at the end of the third round he approached the corner, we saw that he had two cuts on his face, “he explains. Capetillo. “The first, on the eyelid of the right eye, and the second, below the eyebrow and very close to that same eye. Both wounds were shedding a lot of blood and we had to close them quickly, before the next episode started ”.

There were two risks I had Fury with both wounds. On the one hand yeah Capetillo I did not put enough Vaseline to stop the bleeding, I ran the risk that the blood would continue to come out and the referee would stop the fight giving the victory to Wallin because the cut was caused by a blow. On the other hand, too much petroleum jelly could get into your eye and affect your vision. Fury in the remainder of the fight.

Capetillo managed to seal the wounds at each break of the round, and somehow contain the bleeding, while Fury There were no visibility problems due to the petroleum jelly. Thanks to the work of your cutman in the corner, Fury ended up winning a tough unanimous decision, and saving the undefeated record. By the time the fight was over, the Englishman had a brutal gash over his right eye, requiring 47 stitches to close.

Wallin tried to scrape with his glove the wounds of Tyson the whole fight, but fortunately neither of them opened ”, he recalls Capetillo with pride. “We did a good job with those two wounds, because they were both deep and therefore brought a lot of blood out of his face.”

The work of Jorge Capetillo that day, he helped the Englishman to win against the Swede. But, furthermore, backed up with that result, Fury kept the rematch fight hot against Wilder for the heavyweight title of CMB in February 2020. It was a fight that Fury he won by knockout in the seventh round, and it was one of the most important triumphs he achieved in his career.

Fury he did not forget the good work that the man from Guadalajara did. One day after the fight with Wallin, Capetillo went to see how he was. The Englishman received him with a smile and gave him a financial bonus as a thank you, in addition to saying that he was happy with the work he had done.

Tyson Fury’s cut against Otto Wallin

Spring 2020: When the pandemic stopped the world

The rematch between Fury and Wilder In February 2020, it was the last big fight that got to be made before the world came to a standstill. Boxing still did not come out of its surprise at the overwhelming triumph of Tyson fury upon Wilder, when the Covid-19 virus was already beginning to devastate a world full of fear and uncertainty.

In a period of two weeks, the income that he had contemplated Jorge Capetillo they vanished. His fighter Jessie magdaleno I had an agreed fight against Sakaria lucas on March 14, 2020 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The threat of cancellation was latent, since all the massive shows in the world were stopping before the threat of contagion. Top rank he made one last attempt to do the undercard behind closed doors. However, within hours of Capetillo arrived in New York, found out that the billboard that would star Jessie magdaleno, it had finally been canceled. All boxing had stopped. And the world too.

At home in Las Vegas things were not going well for Jorge Capetillo. His gym, his main livelihood for him and his family, was forced to shut down temporarily. Given the pandemic threat, the place was considered a potential source of contagion. That also meant that the economic income of Capetillo they were also frozen until further notice.

Capetillo, without having charged for the cancellation of the fight Magdaleno, he spent the last part of his money on the plane ticket to be able to return from New York to Las Vegas, where he resides.

Tyson Fury’s Thank You

“I got the call from Tyson (Fury)“, remember Capetillo. “He asked me how I was and I told him about my situation. He said he was going to send me some money so I could support myself. I refused, but he insisted. Without your help, that of Andy ruiz and of Magdaleno, who also supported me financially, I would not have been able to maintain my gym ”.

Kind and grateful is how you describe Capetillo to Tyson Fury.

“That’s how it is Tyson. He is grateful and detached with his financial resources, ”says the Mexican coach. “He is also cheerful and always very positive. That is a rule that you have with us, your work team: we must all be positive. He doesn’t like people who are negative, but everything has a reason ”.

Tyson Fury Jorge Capetillo
Tyson Fury and Jorge Capetillo

How Fury fights his own demons

Surrounding yourself with happy people with positive thoughts, adds the Mexican, is a way to protect yourself from the suicidal thoughts that constantly torture you. Tyson fury.

It was those suicidal thoughts, a consequence of a deep depression, that caused him to withdraw momentarily from boxing at the height of his career. In 2016, just a few months after making boxing history by defeating and ending a long reign of Wladimir Klitschko as a heavyweight champion, Tyson fury tried to commit suicide.

“(That year) I bought a new Ferrari,” he recalled. Fury for the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. “One day I was on the highway and I took the car up to 300 km / h, directly towards a bridge. Everything did not matter to me. I just wanted to die, end this life. But as I approached the bridge I heard a soft voice: ‘Don’t do that TysonThink of your children, your family, your boys and your girl, who are going to grow up without their father. ‘

The King of the Gypsies He recounted that the suicidal thoughts started after he defeated Klitschko in November 2015. He said he woke up one day and wondered what motivated him. He added that “dark ideas” invaded him despite the fact that he was a man who had everything in life, including his wife, children, money and fame produced by boxing.

Capetillo has become a close friend of Tyson fury. The English call him “compadre”, like this in Spanish, and he has invited Capetillo and his family to stay all in a suite in Las Vegas in a coexistence of the two families, with a vacation atmosphere.

And the Mexican has learned to know Tyson fury. Capetillo explains that these “dark ideas” have not gone, they are still inside the head of Fury. To keep them away, the heavyweight champion surrounds himself with people with positive ideas, like his brothers and the rest of the people who make up his corner.

Boxing is everything to Tyson Fury

Tyson does everything possible to keep those thoughts away and always be happy, “he explains. Capetillo. “He puts on music, he’s always good and transmits that same energy with us. In the same way, we also try to transmit that same energy to him. Boxing is very important to him, because it is what makes him happy. Even when he doesn’t have a fight at the door, he trains, because he knows that makes him feel good ”.

The impression you have Capetillo coincides with the statements that the British made prior to the third fight with Deontay Wilder, to be held this Saturday in Las Vegas. He acknowledged that he does not know what he will do when he retires from boxing and considered that when he hangs up his gloves it will be “very sad and lonely.”

Fury he said, in an interview with British television BBC, who always ask him what motivates him. He said that it is not the money, nor is it becoming the best heavyweight fighter in history and he said that for him, there is nothing other than boxing.

“I tried taking care of animals, driving ATVs, I got a shotgun license to shoot ducks. Nothing catches me. I’m boxing because I can, I don’t enjoy anything else, I don’t have any hobbies, ”he said this week for said television station.

TO Capetillo he is asked if he could define Fury In one sentence, what would it be?

“Like the king,” says the Mexican coach. “There is no other human being with the personality that has Tyson: cheerful, detached, generous, always attentive to his work team. It’s better to be human than you are as a boxer. And that is saying a lot about him ”.

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