Venezuela vs. Brazil – Match Report – October 7, 2021

Venezuela vs.  Brazil - Match Report - October 7, 2021

The Brazilian soccer team beat the Venezuelan team 1-3 on Thursday on the eleventh day of the qualifying rounds for Qatar 2022, after coming back from a match in which Vinotinto dominated for almost 60 minutes and made their fans dream of their first victory against Canarinha.

Venezuela, against all odds and antecedents, jumped onto the pitch with a rejuvenated, motivated and attacking team, which put their rivals on the ropes, who seemed to believe more in their history of victories – they have never been defeated in an official match. for the Vinotinto- than in the game that was being played.

As a result of that first impulse, Yeferson Soteldo was unmarked on the right wing, received a filtered pass and, swiftly, launched a remote-controlled center to the heart of the area.

There, Eric Ramírez, much faster than the defenders, finished off with a header that sent the ball into the back of the net, far from goalkeeper Alisson’s hands.

This goal is the first for Ramírez, 22, with his team.

The goal did not make the local team lock themselves up to defend and they continued to face Brazil as equals, keeping the ball at their feet and scaring their rivals when they approached the goal.

Thanks to that good game and with only one good Brazilian chance that Everton Ribeiro crashed into the post, Venezuela went to rest ahead on the scoreboard.

After passing through the changing rooms, the game maintained a similar dynamic, but already in the 56th minute, Brazil showed its hierarchy with a header from Thiago Silva from a set piece, which was annulled for offside.

That was a warning of the potential of Brazil, which in the 70th minute got the tie after a corner kick in which Marquinhos won the position of the entire local defense and, all alone, jumped very high to finish with his head and score.

Everything suggested that each team would take a point, a well-deserved result apparently on the pitch, when Gabriel Barbosa was knocked down in the heart of the area and the referee signaled a penalty.

Barbosa himself, in the 84th minute, scored the goal that made it 1-2 on the scoreboard.

And in the discount, Antony, who had entered the field shortly before, received a pass from Raphinha to score the final 1-3 in what seemed like an excessive punishment for the duel.

Thus, Brazil achieved its ninth victory in nine games of the South American qualifiers, while Venezuela remains last with just four points, the result of a victory and a draw.

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