Why do Mexicans hate Canelo so much ?: Barrera and Morales give their reasons

Barrera Morales y el Canelo

Erik “Terrible” Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera argued their reasons why they believe that an important sector of Mexican fans hate so much Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

It was in a segment of his podcast One More Round, where Barrier and Morales They answered questions from the public, and they asked that question.

For Barrera, it is a matter of mentality of Mexicans

For Marco Antonio BarreraIt is a cultural issue, very Mexican, which is criticizing another Mexican.

“I think that the one who hurts a Mexican the most is another Mexican,” he said. Barrier. “Unfortunately, instead of applauding that he is doing well, or instead of saying that he is our icon of Mexican boxing, or the standard bearer, we look for a little detail to speak badly.”

Barrier believes that the mentality of Mexicans must change, especially in these times.

“We must change this ideology, because this pandemic is making us all change,” he proposes. Frame. “Maybe not accept, but recognize the brilliant career he has made Canelo“.

Marco Antonio Barrera argues, without any doubt, that the Canelo is the best Pound for Pound right now.

“In fact they were throwing us away, also saying that ‘you are going to start’,” he says. Barrier. “It’s not that we get carried away; simply (Canelo) is the world’s number one Libra for Libra. And answering, a Mexican is the worst enemy of another Mexican. That’s my point of view”.

Morales thinks it is related to the accessibility of social networks

Erik morales considers that an important factor is that today, unlike Mexican boxing idols of the past, fans have access to social media.

“The fact that social networks are open allows all the people to have an opinion,” he argues. Morales. “Maybe before, in the past, because those people didn’t have an opinion. Or maybe, I used to think that, or more, or better or less, but they couldn’t write it. Now that people have been given that power of being close and giving their opinion, just as there are people who support, there are people who do not support. The truth is that there is everything. Lets gather.”

Morales, like Barrier, ensures that it is time for Mexicans to recognize the achievements of the Canelo.

“As for the Canelo, I must tell you that he is the fighter who is the highest in the media, “he says. The terrible. “He is the most accomplished fighter in this era and in this era. It is his time and he is the fighter who represents us. If a lot of people like it, or a lot of people don’t, that’s already a matter of taste and we respect it. But you have to support him in this next fight with Caleb Plant, which is going to be a very difficult fight. And let’s see what happens ”.

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