“You can’t do that, fool”: This is how Arum dismissed the idea of ​​Teofimo

Bob Arum y Teófimo López

Bob arum made him see his mistake Teofimo Lopez, who wants a fight at a contract weight above 135 pounds against Josh Taylor.

“I have an idea, why don’t we fight at a contract weight like 137 pounds and put those belts on the line, buddy?” He said. Teo to a group of reporters. “That way we would put the 135 and 140 pound belts into play.”

Hearing these words, Arum He turned around in an annoyed tone and called López’s words absurd.

“You can’t do that, useless,” he replied. “You have to weigh 135 to fight for the lightweight title, bring on Mauricio (Sulaiman, president of the CMB) over here ”.

Although Teofimo Lopez was very enthusiastic about the possibility of doing the match with Taylor, Sulaiman He made it clear to him that if he exceeds the 135-pound limit, there is no way the undisputed lightweight championship is at stake.

“135 pounds is the lightweight limit, if you don’t meet that weight, you can’t fight for that title,” he said. “Yes Taylor He makes 135, he can fight in the light ones, but if you go over that weight, you can’t defend that belt ”.

Despite the words of Sulaiman, Teofimus said that he did not understand why the WBA had allowed something similar with the case of Gervonta davis and Leo Santa Cruz in October 2020, when the lightweight and super feather belts were at stake.

“I don’t know why if the WBA did it with Gervonta davis and Leo Santa Cruz, fight for 130 and 135 pounds at an intermediate catchweight, we can’t do it here with me and Josh taylor“, He told Sulaiman.

The explanation he gave Theophimus of this event is not applicable to their case, since it was precisely possible because they both scored less than 130 pounds, so the belts of both categories could be put into play.

However, if Teo exceeds the agreed number of his division (135), it is not possible to fight for that belt.

“It has never been done, but we have YouTubers doing it, the sport needs it,” he said. “I want to do something to write history. Now everyone wants to be undisputed, we’ll see it with Canelo and Plant, we want to take that step ”.

López is awaiting his fight with George Kambosos by the light belts of the FIB, WBA and OMB.

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