2021 version of the Cowboys offense, what Jason Garrett could have as a coach in Dallas

2021 version of the Cowboys offense, what Jason Garrett could have as a coach in Dallas

Daring, balanced and with good control of the rhythm of the games. That’s the offense that the Dallas Cowboys’ 2021 and former coach Jason Garrett could never crystallize as the Lone Star team’s head coach for more than nine years.

In the first game between the Cowboys and the New York Giants in the framework of Week 5 of the regular season, Garrett will be able to see first-hand, as the offensive coordinator of the New York team, a Dallas offense that works the way he does. could make it work.

During his tenure with the Cowboys from 2010, when he was named interim coach after Wade Phillips’ firing, until the end of the 2019 season, Garrett had enough talent to make the Texas team’s attack one of the most productive in the NFL. and he did, but in key moments or games, decision-making prevented Dallas from going far in the Playoffs or even qualifying for that instance.

Garrett was frequently criticized for not using the resources available to him to manage the pace of the games or advantage on the scoreboard. Having Tony Romo first and then Dak Prescott was too tempting.

When the logical thing was to run to preserve the advantage or take advantage of the talent of Ezekiel Elliott or DeMarco Murray in previous years, Garrett chose several times to use the arms of Romo or Prescott with all that that implied: giving the opponent time to take the game in the final minutes.

Much of that frustration, reflected in criticism from the media and fans, ended up sealing Garrett’s firing as the Cowboys coach after the 2019 season.

However, Dallas’ offense did not change immediately after Garrett’s departure. Mike McCarthy, who took over as the Cowboys coach in 2020, was slow to make the Texan attack work forcefully, perhaps desperate to ignite a spark to ignite the team after Prescott suffered an injury that ended his season early. and losing other players to ailments, particularly on the front line.

In 2021, in his second year at the helm, McCarthy appears to have found the offensive balance they longed for in Dallas. After the Cowboys fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1 in a duel in which they ran only 18 times in which Prescott threw 58 passes, the quarterback averaged 25 passes and the Cowboys 35 runs in the last three games, all Cowboys wins.

In addition to balance, McCarthy has been able to take advantage of the 1-2 punch that the pair formed by Elliott and Tony Pollard gives him, who combine to physically exhaust opposing defenses and then attack them with fresh legs.

After what has been seen in recent weeks, this is what Garrett will see from the Giants’ bench, where the coordinator has problems of his own.

Despite coming back in good shape after an injury that caused him to miss 14 games in 202, Saquon Barkley hasn’t been able to rush for 100 or more yards. In fact, his best production this season is 57 rushing yards.

And while Daniel Jones is the leading quarterback in 2021 with 71 percent of his completions of 15 or more yards, he is not a passer who has shown the talent or ability that Romo and Prescott offered Garrett.

As he puts the pieces in place to make his offense a concern for his rivals, Garrett will be able to watch from across the field at the Cowboys offense he probably dreamed of multiple times.

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