Club Super Uru: Old Christians beat Old Boys in the classic

Club Super Uru: Old Christians beat Old Boys in the classic

Old Christians overtook Old Boys in a true classic for 22 to 10, for the eighth date of the Super Uru of Clubs, in a game in which the defenses of both teams predominated.

During the first half there was an absolutely dominant local team. Old Christians was clinical and concise when it came to scoring points as every time he reached 22 opponents he put points on the scoreboard. Only after two minutes, through Yamandu Arburuas, he put the first try of the match and left the visitors disconcerted. While Old Boys did not find an answer in the first minutes, since in the attack they found themselves in front of the rival defense. Thanks to his fullback, Santiago Del Cerro, managed to score many points and was chosen the figure of the match.

In the second half, Old Boys went looking for equality and supported a try through Gibernau, but it was not enough to reverse the score. In this way Old Christians stayed with the classic and achieved a key victory in the Super Uru de Clubs.


OLD CHRISTIANS (22): 1. Diego Muñoz, 2. Yarmundu Arburuas, 3. Felipe Inciarte, 19. Rodrigo García, 5. Sebastián Pfeiff, 6. Santiago Azambuja, 40. Tomás Etcheverry, 8. James Mccubin, 9. Manuel Martínez, 42. Federico Slinger , 11. Juan Costabile, 13. Diego Ardad (c), 12. Rodrigo Bocking, 21. Joaquín Pena, 15. Santiago Del Cerro.

Changes: ST: 12 ‘Leandro Segredo by Santiago Azambuja, 14’ Javier Fernández by Manuel Martínez, 20 ‘Gerónimo Gutiérrez by Yamandu Arburuas and Lorenzo Surraco by Sebastián Pfeiff, 24’ Juan Cattivelli by Federico Slinger, 26 ‘Martín Zerbino and José Astigarraga by Felipe Inciarte and Diego Muñoz, 34 ‘Sebastián Gomez Platero by Joaquín Pena.

Coach: Andrez Vazques.

OLD BOYS (10): 1. Juan Buccino, 2. Joaquín Rocco, 3. Faustino Etchegorry, 4. Guillermo Symonds, 5. Santiago Vilaseca, 6. Gonzalo Piana, 7. Gabriel Puig, 8. Carlos Deus, 9. Martín Stefani, 10. Matías Davanzo , 11. Eugenio Plottier, 12. Germán Albanell (c), 13. Bautista Basso, 14. Joaquín Alonso, 15. Gastón Gibernau.

Changes: PT: 13 ‘Juan Gaminara by Gabriel Puig. ST: 43 ‘temporary change Diego Pombo for Joaquín Alonso, 10’ Diego Pombo for Juan Buccino, Alfonso Cat for Martín Stefani, Joaquín García for Guillermo Symonds, 17 ‘Baltasar Amaya for Joaquín Alonso, 24’ Augusto Magno for Gonzalo Piana, 26 ‘Aram Nerguizian by Etchegorry,

Coach: Francisco De Posadas.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2 ‘try by Yarmundu Arburuas and conversion by Santiago Del Cerro (OC), 9’ Santiago Del Cerro (OC) penalty, 12 ‘Santiago Del Cerro (OC) penalty, 17’ Matías Davanzo (OB) penalty, 22 ‘Santiago Del penalty Cerro (OC), 26 ‘Santiago Del Cerro (OC) penalty, 38’ Santiago Del Cerro (OC) penalty.

Partial result: Old Christians 22 – Old Boys 3.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 9 ‘try by Gastón Gibernau and conversion by Matías Davanzo (OB).

Fine resultl: Old Christians 22 – Old Boys 10

YELLOW: PT: 37 ‘Juan Buccino. ST: 10 ‘Rodrigo García, 34’ Santiago Del Cerro.

Basketball court: Old Christians

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