Deontay Wilder’s punch, the strongest in history?

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Many boxing lovers ask ourselves one thing,Deontay Wilder has the strongest punch in boxing? Prior to Wilder he will face for the second time Tyson fury, the American faced Luis Ortíz, whom he defeated and then the question raised above arose.

After the fight against Luis Ortíz, on LEFT PUNCH we did an analysis with the comments made by some boxing analysts.

Does Deontay Wilder have the strongest punch in boxing?

1. John Raspanti from Max Boxing

John raspanti, from the portal Max boxing He is perhaps the best nickname for what we saw on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Rated Wilder as “The Illogical Murderer”.

Accurately chronicles the way Wilder he liquidated the combat.

Luis Ortíz I was beating Wilder blow for blow, “he wrote Raspanti. “And suddenly, not anymore. Wilder, the illogical killer, threw three harmless jabs. I was accommodating Ortíz for that killer punch with the right hand. Ortíz never saw it. The blow was direct and pure. And also, very powerful.

Photo: Deontay Wilder (Twitter)

“It hit the jaw of Ortíz, and his legs collapsed, “he continued Raspanti. “His body also fell, and he was left with his head resting on the first rope. Wilder walked away like nothing. Now, he was the one smiling. Ortíz He tried to get up, but his legs did not cooperate. His brain and limbs weren’t on the same page. The referee Kenny bayless the fight ended, just when Ortíz he was able to get up with a glassy look ”.

And the sentence of Raspanti it is clear and concise.

“Power can make up for shortcomings.”

2. Dan Rafael from ESPN

Dan rafael, reporter of ESPN, was on the ring side, and seeing the knockout, he quickly realized that there was some historical resonance there. The question was immediately asked whether Deontay Wilder It is the strongest in history.

“The right hand of Wilder, that blow with which he knocked down Ortíz For the count of 10, it is by far the most destructive weapon in boxing, “he wrote. Raphael. “He is responsible for the majority of the 41 knockouts of Wilder.

“Many of us ring-sided in the MGM Grand arena argued that Wilder he is the best (puncher in the history of heavyweights) ”, he continued Raphael. “With all due respect to other great hitters like Mike tyson, George Foreman, Joe Louis, Lennox lewis, Wladimir Klitschko, Sonny liston or Earnie shavers”.

3. Mike Costello and Steve Bunce from the BBC

The boxing analysts of the BBC British also had to undergo a process of reflection to understand and measure what happened on Saturday.

Mike costello has no doubt that Wilder He is one of the most powerful punchers in the history of the sport.

“The most attractive aspect of this sport,” he assures Costello, “Is the knockout punch. No matter where you put Wilder In the history of knockout artists, there is no doubt that we are living in the time of one of the greatest punchers in the history of the sport. “

Your colleague from the BBC, Steve Bunce, he was just as impressed.

“Knocking out fighters is an art,” he says. Bunce. “Some of that art involves hitting right on target. But the target of that right hand was around 12 inches or more to the other side of Ortíz. No man can resist that. No beast can resist that. The guy is the one hit genius. It is a beast”.

Costello also examines Wilder in the historical context of the big punchers

Edwin Valero, the Venezuelan lightweight, had 27 knockouts in 27 fights, but if we look only at the heavyweights, the knockout percentage of Wilder it is 95 percent. The one of Mike tyson it was 75 percent, George Foreman 85 percent, Vitali Klitschko 87 percent. Wilder is well above them. And yes, we can argue about the level of his opponents, but he keeps finding their jaw. “

And after doing that mental check, Costello has no doubts. That of Deontay Wilder It is the most powerful punch in history.

“(Wilder) is the hardest hitter I have ever seen in my life “, he assures Costello. “And the way I weigh it is by the reaction of their defeated rivals. When Ortíz he went to the mat, he had an expression on his face like, ‘where did that come from?’ The simple fact of being mentioned next to Tyson or Foreman it illustrates that we are in the presence of a very special striker ”.

4. Sean Crose from Boxing Insider

Sean Crose, from Boxing Insider, is another analyst who has no doubts about what he saw last Saturday with the power of that right hand Wilder. For him too, Deontay Wilder He is the strongest puncher in history.

“Someone who turns off the lights on his rivals over and over again, so abruptly and forcefully, as he does Deontay Wilder, deserves to be considered as the one with the most powerful punch in the history of boxing ”, he assures Crose.

“I’ve watched this sport since the late 70s,” he reflects. Crose, “And I can truly say that I have never seen someone hit with the power with which Wilder it does. To nobody. What’s more, I’ve been obsessed with boxing history, so I’ve seen most of the most acclaimed punchers. At this point, I can say that Wilder hits harder than any of them. “

AND Crose is encouraged to enter the field of comparisons.

“The brilliant Earnie shavers, for example, it was brutally more consistent, “he explains. Crose, “But even he didn’t hit with the same physical force that Wilder does when the curtain falls. Same for the explosive David tua. Do youGerry cooney? Sure, the guy could knock down a wall, and the big Larry holmes can bear witness to it. But could he make you pray for his victims as regularly as Wilder does it? Even the iconic George Foreman, dare I say, I couldn’t short-circuit a rival with the electrical force of Wilder”.

5. Doug Fischer from The Ring Magazine

The editor-in-chief of the magazine The Ring, Doug fischer, agrees that the forehand of Deontay Wilder it is among the great weapons of history to change the course of a fight.

“The right hand of Wilder, which is like a shotgun, can well be classified as one of the weapons that in a single hit can be bombs that change a fight. Of the knockout artists I’ve followed in the last 30 years, he’s next to any hand of Julian Jackson, the right-hand rectum of Tommy hearns, the upper of Naseem hamed and the left hook of Felix Trinidad”.

6. Hans Themistode from Boxing Insider

For Hans Themistode, from Boxing Insider, Deontay Wilder it only needs to be perfect for two seconds of a fight.

“How many times have we seen him (a Wilder) battle with a rival, and finish the fight in a blink of an eye? ”, he wonders Themistode.

“Let’s not go any further than the rematch with Luis Ortíz last Saturday ”, he answers to himself. “For six rounds, Wilder it was behind on the scorecards of all three judges. And yet with a right hand, he liquidated everything. Did the same with Dominic Breazeale, Johan duhaupas, Malik Scott and many others. Wilder it only takes a miniscule amount of time to finish a fight. Deontay Wilder it is full of flaws. However, there are two seconds, in which he is a perfect fighter. Time and time again, he has shown that this is all the time he needs. “

7. Lewis Watson of Bad Left Hook

Lewis watson, from the portal Bad Left Hook, adds to the consensus that Saturday’s right hand was “a blow from the gods.”

Deontay Wilder it is explosive. Deontay Wilder it has defects ”, he assures Watson. “That’s the perfect recipe for creating a heavyweight star. When Wilder walk into the ring, arena goers would only have to pay for 10 percent of their seats, and that’s all they need, because they will always be on the edge of their seat. Wilder’s fights carry an aura of suspense that cannot be ignored. Our eyes dry up, fixed on what is happening in the ring, afraid that a blink will make us miss the moment when everything changes in combat ”.

After this analysis we would like to know your opinion, do you think Wilder has the strongest punch in boxing?


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