Fury is happy not to have British judges in his fight with Wilder

Tyson Fury

Tyson fury is happy not to have British judges for his fight with Deontay Wilder this Saturday.

“It’s very good, I feel like just another American,” the Englishman said to BoxingScene.com. “I am happy that there are only judges from USA, because I will fight in my house here in Las Vegas. And they know something, the boxing people here in North America it is always very fair. I have not heard of someone who is not.

Fury is a native of ManchesterBut it has been well received by the American public. Even Tyson already bought a house in Nevada, where it resides temporarily.

The Briton has fought three times in The Vegas, Nevada, where he maintains a perfect record against Tom schwarz, Otto Wallin and the second with Deontay Wilder. However, he feels that the judges of his country are often against him and want to steal his fights.

“Usually the British are the ones who rob you,” he said. “In my fight with Wilder on The Angels, it was precisely one that gave me the losing fight. I remember well Phil Edwards, he lives about 20 minutes from my house ”.

Judge Edwards didn’t actually give the losing fight to Tyson that time, but on his scorecard he saw a 113-113 tie. Robert Tapper from Canada saw her 114-112 for Fury and Alexander Rochin gave it 115-111 in favor of Wilder, so it was a tie.

Tyson He knows that he was able to obtain a table with the judges of his choice for the closing of his trilogy, but it does not take away the dream that there are only North Americans to score the fight.

“I know I could have any judge I wanted, but I am happy with the Americans, they are honestly very well,” said the heavyweight champion of the CMB.

Tyson fury comes out favorite to defend the belt in bets 3-1 on Deontay Wilder, in the function of this Saturday, in the T-Mobile Arena.

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