How Tyson Fury refused to pay Wilder to let Joshua fight

Cómo Tyson Fury se negó a pagarle a Wilder para que permitiera pelea con Joshua

Yes Tyson fury I would have made a financial offer to Deontay Wilder for him to agree to step aside after a judge ordered the third fight between them to take place, we would have already witnessed a fight that everyone wanted to see between Gypsy king vs Anthony Joshua for the supremacy of the heavy.

But all that idea of ​​facing those who at that time were the top boxers in the division as Fury and Joshua it went to the trash as well as the 150 million dollars that they were going to give to carry it out in Saudi Arabia. The journalist from ESPN, Mike Coppinger, recapitulated this story where the villain was Tyson fury by not offering a good amount of money to “The Bronze Bomber”.

The beginning of the tragedy

Fury was training in Florida in the Warriors Boxing Gym, when a few days before he learned that the fight he longed for in the heavyweight division against Joshua it wasn’t going to happen. The British boxer had already spoken to Saudi Arabia’s defense secretary three days earlier, thus leaving the highest pay of his career on the precipice.

So much Fury as your promoter Bob arum and the promoter of Joshua, Eddie hearn, they did not think that a judge would give the legal reason to Wilder. Because, Hearn and Arum they kept organizing the fight between Fury and Joshua, which would take place in Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2021.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had already agreed to pay a fee of approximately $ 155 million to host the fight. With that figure, they could well pay Wilder for him to step aside, but Fury refused to pay him a single dollar.

“The guy is a fool,” he said Fury May 20. “I wouldn’t give him $ 20,000. He would punch her on the butt. And that’s what I’ll give you. I’ll get through it. I am not interested in giving money to anyone. They have to earn it like I did the hard way: fighting the best of the best. Then it is they can earn good money. There will be no extra money for anyone… I prefer to hit him on the head ”.

Fury and Joshua’s promoters were arrogant, according to Wilder’s team

Shelly Finkel, co-manager of Deontay Wilder, noted that Bob arum and Eddie hearn, promoters of Fury and of Joshua, they looked very arrogant. Finkel ensures that if they had offered a number of money to Wilder to step aside they probably would have thought of it.

“The arrogance of Eddie and BobBefore we won the arbitration, they were giving numbers; they were both going to earn 75 million each, “he said. Shellyy Finkel. “Why not offer 20 million (to Wilder)? They are 10 million that each one was going to pay. It never happened and we never asked for it; We were going to go ahead with the arbitration. But we’d be a fool if they offered us 20 million and we didn’t even listen to them. It is not a lot of money for them, compared to 150 million that they were going to earn ”.

So much Arum What Hearn they were wrong not to offer money to Wilder to step aside, he assures Finkel.

“You have to be crazy to at least not try. Just pick up a phone and say, ‘Hey, we want to make an offer. Would you be willing to consider it? ‘ You never know, “he said. Finkel.

Joshua couldn't fight Fury

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