“I respect Chávez more as a person than as a boxer”: Erik Morales angered Julio César by questioning his record

Julio César Chávez Erik Morales

Erik “Terrible” Morales ensures that he respects more Julio Cesar Chavez as a person, than as a fighter. And he adds that, even, he is a compadre of the great Mexican champion, although that has not prevented him from Morales criticize the track record of rivals Chavez.

“A lot of people get mad at me, but I’m going to touch on that topic. I hope they don’t get pissed off, but I Chavez I did not follow him, when I was young or child, “he said. Morales on the podcast One More Round what does he do with Marco Antonio Barrera. “I was not following him. First, because I hardly saw the box, and the few times that I had the opportunity to see the box, I saw the Saturday in Mexico City.

Morales explains that he does not feel that enormous admiration for Chavez as a boxer, because he did not follow him in his career.

“Really, I didn’t watch the fights Chavez“, He points out Morales. “TO Chavez, I began to follow him, or to see, already in the 90s, at the end of the 90s, when things were not going well in his career. When he fought with From the pot the first, I fought on that card ”.

And that’s where Morales, explains more clearly, why he respects more Chavez as a person, than as a fighter.

“I must tell you that I Chavez I admire him and recognize him more as a person than as a boxer ”, he says. Erik. “As a person, what he does in the area of ​​rehabilitation, the issue of supporting people, of helping. I think it is a noble cause, although it has its fees, but wanting to rehabilitate people is noble. “

Morales tells a funny anecdote that he lived with Julio Cesar Chavez in a plane.

“One day we go on an American airline plane where they don’t assign you seats and you can sit anywhere,” he says. Erik. “I was going a bit in front and he was going back with his wife, and I was going with mine at that time. He tells me that he comes back there July. We were going to Las Vegas. I had already ordered a beer, they brought it to me and I turned to see it and saw where it was. I told:July! Health! And I steep my beer. I knew that he was already rehabilitated. And he says to me: “I’m going to take you to a rehab center, you bastard!”

As part of the reasons why Erik ensures that it respects more July as a person than as a fighter, it is because he even has a personal relationship, already almost familiar with Chavez. They are already compadres.

“He did me the honor of inviting me to be godfather to his daughter in her 15 years,” he explains. Erik. “From there, he has been my compadre. But actually, I respect him more as a person than as a fighter. And it’s not that I don’t have respect for him as a fighter, because he was a great champion. For many the best fighter in Mexico. But, in reality, I did not have the opportunity to see all his fights or be aware of it, because I was young, I was studying ”.

Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales in their podcast Un Round Más

The day that Erik Morales criticized the record of Julio César Chávez

Erik morales and Marco Antonio Barrera they narrated how Erik made angry one day Julio Cesar Chavez when he criticized the history of rivals of the great Mexican champion. Morales told him that his record and that of Barrier they were better than those of Chavez.

Erik he was shooting himself with his compadre (July)”, bill Marco Antonio Barrier, who was present at that time. “I was telling him, ‘Let’s not be güeyes, compadre, la neta Barrier and I have a better record than you. ‘ And what did he say to you, ‘you’re stupid, you bastard!’ And that went onChavez). You told him his rivals, yours, and mine, and you told him where are yours? “

Morales he admits that he made his compadre angry that day Chavez.

“My respects to my compadre, and I do not want him to get pissed off,” he accepts. Morales. “That day he got super pissed off.”

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