The Sooners in Spanish: for the love of education and touchdowns

The Sooners in Spanish: for the love of education and touchdowns

It is a project that combines the promotion of education and the practice of sports among the Hispanic community. It is driven by one of the most important universities in the American Union and, better yet, it is transmitted by voices that are warm, close and, most importantly, in Spanish.

Is about The Sooners in Spanish, launched in 2017 by the University of Oklahoma and which broadcasts the games of the college football by radio and internet.

The narrations are made by the Mexican Enrique Vasquez and the Venezuelan Luis Rendon, who in turn star in two stories of migrants that were launched after the American dream and today they live it fully.

The project currently airs its fifth season, now with radio coverage in two cities (Oklahoma and Tulsa), but which is also heard on-line, thanks to an application, in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and even Spain.

Along with the transmissions, the university created the official accounts of Twitter and Facebook, through which content is offered in Spanish with the latest Sooners news.

Sooner pride, Hispanic pride

Located in the southwestern United States, for Oklahoma, American football represents one of its greatest hobbies, but also pride.

Although they have two teams, the Sooners and the Oklahoma State University Cowboys, the first of them is the most famous and beloved thanks to its sporting achievements.

The Sooners they add seven national championships and 50 conference titles.

Seven Heisman Trophy winners have passed through its ranks, including such notable names as Adrian Peterson, Sam Bradford, Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

Thus, consolidated as one of the best programs at the national level and due to its importance at the local level, it was imperative that the University take the initiative to include the Hispanic community.

Thus it was that shortly before the start of the 2017 season, the project of The Sooners in Spanish.

“There was a chance that the person in charge of the Sooners broadcasts in Oklahoma contacted a friend of mine who lives in Houston, who spoke with another friend of mine, Adrián Chavarría, who told me about the opportunity. This occurred less than a month before the start of the season “, he highlights Enrique Vasquez. “Fortunately everything coincided. We put together the broadcasts in two weeks, we started from scratch, we had no commercials or anything in Spanish ”.

Enrique is now known as the voice of The Sooners in Spanish, which is part of a complex work schedule during the football season, as he is also the narrator of the Houston Texans games in the NFL.

In 2018, Luis Rendon He left his spot as a production assistant and took the microphone to serve as Vásquez’s analyst and dumbbell.

“I used creativity, the spark with which one comes from college. I started to think about how to make social networks grow and once I started working with Enrique and with the rest of the production team, I grew up and later became an analyst ”, says Rendón, originally from Valencia, Venezuela.

Although the work of Vásquez and Rendón would seem focused on recounting the plays and shouting the touchdowns, deep down they know that they are in charge of a larger mission: to promote the educational work of the University of Oklahoma among Hispanics.

“It is nice to entertain and transmit this sport for many people who are just getting to know it. For me it is also important to approach and convey the concept of playing and studying that players carry out. In addition, thanks to our transmissions we state that the University of Oklahoma it is within everyone’s reach, ”says Vásquez. “Our parties help spread the word that our children can have a college career.”

Not only that, thanks to the transmissions on-line, The Sooners in Spanish they not only reach Oklahoma and TulsaThey are also heard in cities such as Guadalajara, Santiago de Chile, Madrid and Barcelona.

“It helps that the team has been very good during the four seasons that we have broadcast it. We’ve had Heisman Trophy winners, the team has won the Conference. The team is supported by one of the best institutions in the country and that helps ”, adds Enrique.

“Yes sir, it’s a touchdown!”

The concept of The Sooners it would not have the impact achieved so far without the identity and chemistry of Vásquez and Rendón.

His rhythm combines Enrique’s experience, spiced up by the spark added by Luis, precisely a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.

“My style is closer to how the broadcasts in English are developed, although I do it in Spanish, with the Latin spark and I think Luis has also helped us to do that,” says Vásquez.

At the same time, for Latinos who listen to the games, the origin of the narrators helps them to feel more identified.

Enrique was born in Mexico and came to the American Union from a very young age. He grew up in Houston and since 1992 has narrated the NFL, first with the Oilers and then the Texans.

During the NFL and college football season he travels from Houston to Oklahoma to narrate the Sooners and then moves back to Texas. All because of his passion for being a chronicler.

Luis, who confesses himself a fan of football and Real Madrid, He has taken root in Oklahoma, in large part thanks to the opportunities the University gave him after graduation.

“The support of the University of Oklahoma it has been one hundred percent, they have given us all the tools. They believe in the project, just as we do ”, Rendón comments.

Luis also sees his work as part of a great puzzle and believes that to the extent that The Sooners in Spanish If successful, other colleges will pay attention to their Hispanic audiences and followers.

“This is going to grow, we seek to make other universities see it and generate a trend,” he says.

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