Tyson Fury eats 5,000 calories a day to fight Wilder, reveals nutritionist

Tyson Fury ingiere 5,000 calorías diarias para pelea con Wilder, revela su nutriólogo

The nutritionist of Tyson Fury, heavyweight champion of CMB, George Lockhart, has revealed the menu of the English boxer where he eats five thousand calories a day to optimally reach his battle against Deontay Wilder.

“What (Tyson) how the day’s activities dictate ”, he said Lockhart to Coffee friend. “But one thing that is constant every day is that he eats a fish, a chicken and a red meat throughout the day at each of his meals. It may go up and down, but (Tyson fury) consumes about 5,000 calories a day ”.

In the same way, he pointed out that he has almost no restrictions on almost anything, so he also eats a lot of fruits.

“You don’t have any cravings that you crave to eat, you don’t really crave anything,” explained the nutritionist. “He also eats things like yogurts and fruit bowls, so we give him tons of antioxidants. You get them with fruit, but also through coffee, which is great. When you train as much as Tyson, you create many pre-radicals (highly reactive molecules, necessary to perform certain functions and maintain health). We want to make sure we keep that stress down and keep it healthy. “

Nutritionist trusts diet at the time of the fight between Fury and Wilder

The specialist Lockhart, who previously worked with Conor mcgregor, is confident that the controlled intake of energy foods will give him that advantage in the ring when facing Deontay Wilder In Las Vegas.

“I have seen firsthand in the camp that Tyson fury it keeps getting better and better, ”he said. “If I’m honest, even though I know Wilder it’s a great puncher, and this is a bold statement, yeah Wilder passes the third round, I will be surprised ”.

Lockhart also revealed that Fury He is a huge fan of coffee and they used it a lot to help him with concentration and mental health.

“Coffee is a great topic for Tyson. He and SugarHill they bought this coffee machine for 1500 (dollars) it’s crazy, ”he said. “I thought all coffee tasted the same until I tried it. It helps him with concentration and energy levels. “

Fury will weigh more in this third fight

It should be remembered that Fury he weighed 273 pounds in the second fight he had against Wilder, but his coach SugarHill Steward He said the champion’s weight will be around 300 pounds.

“It’s not going to be 300 pounds, it’s probably going to be like 290 or something, but not exactly 300,” he explained. “(It will be) heavier than last time by 20 pounds or so, why not? The bigger the better, the heavier, the stronger. He is training with that weight, he has developed ”.

‘It’s not like he’s just getting fat, he’s building muscle. The bigger, the better, the heavier, the stronger ”, he declared.

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