Uruguay vs. Colombia – Match Report – October 7, 2021

Uruguay vs.  Colombia - Match Report - October 7, 2021

(ESPN.com) – Uruguay and Colombia equaled zero this Thursday for the eighth date of the South American qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 in the Great Central Park.

La Celeste began the game with suffocating pressure against a bewildered visiting team, which could not get out of the goal defended by David Ospina.

The team led by Óscar Washington Tabárez, with the novelty of the presence of a single striker (Luis Suárez) and Edinson cavani on the bench, he managed to impose a total superiority in the first minutes of the game, counting on several chances to score.

The first came at 9 ‘, when Godín won in the heights after a corner and Ospina reacted with many reflexes to deflect the shot and save his goal.

Minutes later, when Rueda’s team suffered the match, Suárez had a very clear heads-up – in what ended up being the clearest play of the match – and his shot went just off the right vertical. Uruguay regretted that chance very much, but continued to impose conditions and the goal was about to fall.

In Colombia, meanwhile, a split team was seen, in which Juan Guillermo Cuadrado was solely responsible for the elaboration and Luis Díaz, with little, threatened, although they did not leave him many spaces. The game was played in the visiting field.

At 21 ‘, Uruguay again approached to open the scoring with a shoe from Federico Valverde that Ospina diverted again.

A minute later, Suárez managed to open the scoring by heading a great cross from Matías Viña at the far post, but the linesman canceled the victory at the request of the VAR: the forward had one foot forward.

After that play, Colombia managed to neutralize Uruguay and what was left of the first half did not have great emotions.

In the second, Rueda’s team managed to step stronger in the match, despite the fact that possession was heavenly.

Tabárez moved the bank and gave entry to Darwin Núñez, who gave the Uruguayan attack more mobility. He also chose the departure of Suárez for Cavani, who had no chances during his minutes on the court and was well controlled by Mina and Cuesta.

At 63 ‘of play, there was a controversial move that the Uruguayan bank firmly claimed for an elbow in the face of Cuadrado on Matías Viña. The referee, however, did not consider the red play and the VAR did not call him to review it: he only admonished the Juventus player.

In the last stretch of the match, Colombia grew, especially when Uruguay went looking for it with all the triumph, and had a golden chance at the feet of Duván (who had entered for Falcao) at 71 ‘. A counterattack led by Luis Díaz, who served him a great pass to the middle, led us to suppose that the forward would not fail, but Muslera reacted well to cover the chance and give life to Uruguay, which would not find itself with more possibilities of breaking the zero in the arch defended by Ospina.

The tie is more useful to Colombia, which found what it was looking for, and complicates Celeste, which must face Argentina and Brazil in the two games that remain on this triple date, both as a visitor.

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