Who is Paris Fury, Tyson Fury’s wife? How old are you, where are you from, photos and social media accounts

Quién es la esposa Tyson Fury

Here we will tell you who it is Paris fury, the wife of Tyson fury. How old is he, where is he from, and since when has he accompanied the heavyweight champion of the CMB.

Fury He is one of the most prevalent boxers of the moment. He is usually under the spotlight of all the cameras, and not just because of his status as a world champion.

Sympathetic, daring, extravagant, and particular, the attitudes of the Gypsy king generated a clear magnetization for several of the boxing fans.

Your faithful companion, Paris, is the one who conquered the heart since the not so distant year 2008. Despite the difficult moments that the British went through, she was always by his side.

Tyson fury next to Paris, his wife.

Who is the wife of boxer Tyson Fury?

Paris is the wife of the british boxer Tyson fury. She is 32 years old, one younger than her husband. Your last name at birth is Mulroy.

She dedicates her life to raising her five children, as well as supporting the professional career of Fury, with the complications that this brings.

He was born and raised in Doncaster. He comes from a family of Irish travelers, and proudly displays his gypsy roots.

“I am a traveler, a gypsy. They raised me in caravans. We had a gypsy lifestyle. There is no bloodline, we never went to the doctor to say who we are, “he told Irish Mirror.

For said interview, he also revealed that the Gypsy king he was her first boyfriend. Before his 16 years, he was not allowed to maintain any kind of love bond.

Who is the wife Tyson Fury
Tyson fury and his faithful companion Paris.

How did they meet?

Loaded with youth, Tyson fury and Paris mulroy They met for the first time at the wedding of some friends they had in common.

She was a teenager who had recently turned 15 years old. He, a nice and euphoric young man, characteristics that last him to this day.

A year after that ceremony, they met again on a birthday and began this love story. They got married in 2008.

Who is the wife Tyson Fury
Tyson fury and Paris, at your wedding.

Paris she lives perfectly with the mediatization proposed by her husband’s great fame. They both formed a large family. They have 5 children, two boys and three girls.

Who is the wife Tyson Fury
Tyson fury with his wife Paris and his sons.

The life of Paris Fury in relation to social networks

Paris fury leads a relatively active life around social networks, mainly on his official Instagram accounts and Twitter.

Among his most recent posts, you can find interviews with his partner, photographs, statements and even tributes to him.

He also uploads some images with his children, and even the promotion of the book he recently wrote, called: “Paris fury, love and fury. The magic and chaos to live with Tyson“.


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