Ali vs Frazier: The best heavyweight trilogy in history

Ali vs Frazier

In the preamble to the third clash in the ring between Deontay Wilder and Tyson fury The opportunity opens to briefly discuss what is considered by the punditos as the best trilogy in the history of the heavyweight division: Muhammad Ali vs Joe frazier.

While the rivalry Fury vs Wilder It has not generated equally memorable moments yet, the hope remains that something special will happen this Saturday when they step into the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The title of the CMB and the distinction as a linear champion.

Here we expose the most memorable trilogy in heavyweight due to its quality, action drama and sweet scientist performance, it is about nothing more and nothing less than Muhammad Ali against Joe frazier.

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier (1971-1975)

Surely this represents the greatest sporting rivalry of all. Two great heavyweights, two different styles, but above all two very different personalities. Ali and Frazier polarized America: the white establishment behind Smokin joe and the American progressive wing with causes like civil liberties behind The Greatest.

Ali He was the cheeky and resourceful one; Frazier, the calm and proud. Just as different they were on the ring too.

“The problem with you, Joe, is that you can not dance, “he said Ali to Frazier before his third fight Thrilla In Manila, in 1975, according to the count of multiple newspaper articles of the time.

“But I can fight,” he replied. Frazier, who carried out his warning in every sense of the word.

Ali vs Frazier I: 1971

Their first meeting, at Madison Square Garden in March 1971, was boxing’s biggest event, titled by the promoters: The Fight of the Century, the Fight of the Century, which was broadcast live in 35 countries.

This first fight has a certain parallel with the first fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson fury in the sense that he faced the reigning champion (Frazier) against the linear champion (Ali). In the case of Wilder and Fury, Wilder I had the belt, but Fury was the heir in the lineage after having dethroned Wladimir Klitschko, and losing their belts due to inactivity due to depression.

So much Frazier What Ali they were undefeated. Frazier he had won all of his 26 fights almost all by knockout; Ali He was undefeated at 31-0-0 and looking better after returning to boxing after a nearly three-year suspension after refusing to join the US military and fight in the Vietnam War.

The rivalry became highly personal. Ali making fun of Frazier calling him “ugly”, “dumb” and “bear”.

Frazier he responded with his fists, knocking down Ali in the final round to secure a fifteen-round unanimous points victory in boxing mecca: Madison Square Garden. They both fought at the gaze of celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Woody Allen, Miles Davis, Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Cosby, Diana Ross, Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, Sammy Davis Jr, Bob Dylan and Hugh Hefner.

It was a brutal fight in which they both ended up very hurt. Frazier was taken to the hospital, and even the false rumor spread in the hours after the fight that Smoking joe had died.

Ali vs Frazier: the first fight

The rematch: 1974

The ‘bad blood’ between Ali and Frazier overflowed in the days leading up to the rematch, both being fined $ 5,000 after they faced off watching a replay of the first fight together.

Ali he made sure there was less drama in the ring, clearly winning on points, in twelve rounds and no world titles in between.

The ultimate drama in the third fight: 1975

The following was the most classic of all and perhaps the most violent fight in heavyweight history: Thrilla In Manila. It was held in 1975 in the capital of the Philippines to the complacency of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the promotional ingenuity of Don king.

“It’s real hate,” he said Frazier to Ali in the days leading up to the last encounter in the trilogy. “I want to hurt him,” he added to the press.

Ali He seemed less motivated, possibly distracted by the company of his lover in the Philippines.

Frazier it seemed like he wanted to hit Ali during the instructions ”, he recalled Ferdie.

Pacheco, the doctor of Ali. “Ali It seemed as if he was waiting for a tennis match, ”he added.

As the fight progressed, Jerry zenberg, the renowned sports writer, felt that Ali and Frazier they were on the edge of the extreme.

“The emotions that motivated these two men to make a third fight between them were inevitable,” he wrote. Izenberg. After 14 rounds of back-and-forth action in the sweltering island heat, none could hold out any longer.

“Cut them” was the instruction of Ali to your corner, according to Wali muhammad, one of the coach’s assistants. “That’s how tired he was,” he recalled. Muhammad for Boxing News.

“He wanted us to cut off his gloves, (the coach) Angelo dundee he ignored it, ”he added.

Dundee He was saved from making a bad decision because on the other side of the ring, Eddie Futch, coach of Frazier, I was calling the referee Carlos Padilla, to inform you of the surrender of Frazier.

“It’s over. The world will never forget what you did here today, “he said. Futch to Frazier.

Dundee He later said at the press conference: “They both ran out of gas, only my fighter had an extra tank.”

So it was.

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