Buster Posey: the architect behind the San Francisco Giants’ postseason success

Buster Posey: the architect behind the San Francisco Giants' postseason success

The Giants’ longest-running player has been the most impactful player in his postseason trips

The San Francisco GiantsSurprisingly, they were the best squad of the regular season with multiple contributions from various players throughout the season, especially from their starting pitchers. However, within all the success that the team has achieved in 2021, there is one player who stands out and who for more than a decade has been the flagship of the team.

The receptor Buster posey, who debuted with the Giants in 2009, he is the player with the longest time in the team and was an important part during the titles of World Series of the years 2010, 2012 and 2014. The leader of the team is the stabilizing agent between seniority and youth, a combination that has been one of the keys that led the squad to go from completely unnoticed, to the possibility of playing their first Championship Series in seven years.

In the midst of all the good and bad that has happened in San Francisco, it’s found Buster posey, the great architect of the postseason success of the Giants. This is clear from the work you have done on both sides of the ball.

Posey He is not only the longest-running player on the team, but also one of the finest hitters in Divisional Series from MLB. In five such series, he has a .319 batting average with a .390 on-base percentage (OBP) and a .472 slugging percentage (SLG), good for an .862 OPS.

It’s not just the fact that he’s been a great hitter from Divisional SeriesInstead, pitchers have triumphed with him as a catcher. In 167 innings of work in that stage (not counting the first game of 2021 against Los angeles dodgers), in which Posey has played with the team, his pitchers have had a team ERA of 2.73 and an average of walks and hits per inning pitched (WHI) of 0.988.

That points, not only to the great pitching talent that the Giants, but to the importance of having a receiver of the quality of Buster posey to handle each of them, regardless of whether they are rookie or veteran pitchers.

Without Buster posey, the Giants They could not have won three World Series in four years, nor could they be in competition in 2021. The American remains the great architect of San Francisco.

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