Chile defeated Canada 33-24 and continues on its way to be in France 2023

Chile defeated Canada 33-24 and continues on its way to be in France 2023

chili defeated Canada by 33 to 24 and stayed with the series for the Qualy to qualify for France 2023. In this way, The Condors They left out the North American rival, who will not play a World Cup for the first time in their history, and continue with their dream to be in the next edition of the tournament.

A true Test Match match, with the high risks and benefits of this match, both teams were looking to arrive and score points. The one that scored first was Canada who, through its opening, Peter Nelson, opened the account for the visit. From there it was a monologue by Chile, who played a very strategic but precise rugby and managed to keep the visit away from their ingoal. Rodrigo Fernández, after a ball that he wins in the air, cuts the advantage line and with a feint he went right under the posts to support the only try of the first half.

For the second half, Canada came out thirsty for a comeback and managed to score quickly through their most powerful weapon, the maul. Following act, the game turned into a round trip. Both teams reached the ingoal, but Chile had already made a difference. Among the highlights of the match were Rodrigo Fernández, who always broke the lead line and scored a try and assist to remember, while his fullback Santiago Videla was 100% effective and scored 23 of 33 points.

In this way, Los Cóndores remain firm with the illusion of being in the World Cup in France 2023 and now they will wait for Uruguay or the United States for that place.



CHILE (33): 1. Javier Carrasco, 2. Augusto Bohme, 3. Matías Dittus, 4. Clemente Saavedra, 5. Javier Eissmann, 6. Martín Sigren (C), 7. Raimundo Martínez, 8. Alfonso Escobar, 9. Marcelo Torrealba, 10. Rodrigo Fernández, 11. Franco Velarde, 12. Matías Garafulic, 13. Domingo Saavedra, 14. Nicolás Garafulic, 15. Santiago Videla.

Substitutes: 16. Tomás Dussaillant, 17. Vittorio Lastra, 18. Salvador Lues, 19. Augusto Sarmiento, 20. Thomas Orchard, 21. Iñaki Ayarza, 22. José Larenas, 23. Nicolás Herreros.

Changes: ST: 4 ‘Vittorio Lastra by Javier Carrasco, 16’ temporary change by Tomás Dussaillant by Franco Velarde, 24 ‘Nicolás Herreros and Augusto Sarmiento by Marcelo Torrealba and Javier Eissmann, Tomás Dussaillant by Augusto Bohme, 28’ Salvador Lues by Matías Dittus and Iñaki Ayarza by Nicolás Garafulic, 35 ‘José Larenas by Domingo Saavedra.

Coach: Pablo Lemoine.

CANADA (24): 1. Djustice Sears-Duru, 2. Eric Howard, 3. Tyler Rowland, 4. Corey Thomas, 5. Kyle Baillie, 6. Tyler Ardron, 7. Lucas Rumball, (C) 8. Siaki Vikilani, 9. Ross Braude, 10. Peter Nelson, 11. Kainoa Lloyd, 12. Spencer Jones, 13. Ben LeSage, 14. Brock Webster, 15. Patrick Parfrey.

Alternates: 16. Andrew Quattrin, 17. Cole Keith, 18. Matt Tierney, 19. Conor Keys, 20. Michael Smith, 21. Rob Povey, 22. Jason Higgins, 23. Quinn Ngawati

Changes: ST: 18 ‘Andrew Quattrin for Eric Howard and Matt Tierney for Tyler Rowland, 21’ temporary change Cole Keith for Siaki Vikilani, 28 ‘Conor Keys for Corey Thomas and Jason Higgins for Ross Braude, 35’ Rob Povey for Peter Nelson.

Coach: Kingsley Jones.

FIRST TIME POINTS: 4 ‘penalty by Peter Nelson (CAN), 8’ penalty by Santiago Videla (CHI), 16 ‘penalty by Santiago Videla (CHI), 23’ try by Rodrigo Fernández and conversion by Santiago Videla (CHI), 34 ‘penalty by Santiago Videla (CHI).

Partial result: Chile 16 – Canada 3.

SECOND TIME POINTS: 6 ‘try by Eric Howard and conversion by Peter Nelson (CAN), 9’ try by Matías Dittus and conversion by Santiago Videla (CHI), 20 ‘penalty by Santiago Videla (CHI), 25’ try by Andrew Quattrin and conversion by Peter Nelson (CAN), 28 ‘try by Santiago Videla and conversion by Santiago Videla (CHI), 39’ try by Kainoa Lloyd and conversion by Rob Povey.

Final score: Chile 33 – Canada 24.

Incidents: ST: 6 ‘Augusto Bohme yellow (CHI), 20’ yellow Djustice Sears-Duru (CAN), 33 ‘yellow Salvador Lues (CHI).

Basketball court: Chili.

Referee: Jauri Rivero.

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