Scaloni left Lautaro and Acuña in doubt in Argentina to face Uruguay

Scaloni left Lautaro and Acuña in doubt in Argentina to face Uruguay

Lionel Scaloni kept Lautaro Martínez and Marcos Acuña as the main doubts in the Argentine National Team for the classic with Uruguay, for the South American Qualifiers.

In the virtual conference prior to the last training session for Sunday’s game, the coach commented on the physical condition of the forward and the winger.

“I cannot guarantee 100 percent that Lautaro Martínez will be there. I cannot confirm their presence because we have training first this afternoon, but whoever plays is going to be satisfactory. “

“We will see how those who played the other day are doing and today is the most tiring day. The Huevo Acuña came out with an annoyance and let’s hope that today he can move normally. Then we will make the decision. “

“The rest of the players, taking Lautaro Martínez and Marcos Acuña out, are fine, but until noon tomorrow (Sunday) I will not be clear about the team because it depends on the recovery of the players.”

“Whoever plays we are calm because the team’s performance is satisfactory”

“I am happy with Nahuel (Molina) ‘s game because he is growing and he is joining the team. With Gonzalo (Montiel) we are satisfied, he is already consolidated. Tomorrow we will decide who plays.”

“The striker who plays with us has to be mobile, work a lot when he doesn’t have the ball. Even Lucas (Alario), when he played with us, he did it as second striker and he did it very well. The profiles are not different, everyone knows associate and have mobility “.

Regarding the refusal to return Julián Álvarez to River Plate, the DT replied: “We have maximum communication with the River coaching staff. In the case of Julián Álvarez, due to the situation we are in, it is impossible to give it up. He is with his whole head in the Argentine National Team, although for him it is a difficult situation because his team is fighting for the championship. “

Regarding the rival on duty, Scaloni acknowledged: “Uruguay has its virtues in offense and we will take precautions, but not for that reason we will play in any other way. Our way will be what we have been doing, that will not be different under any point of view. We will think about attacking and knowing that the rivals have their good points “.

Finally, he also admitted the need and desire to face rivals from Europe: “The match against Paraguay was extremely difficult, just as if we were playing with the European powers. I am sure that if any European team is going to play there, it will. to have a bad time. But it would be nice to be able to face a national team from there, although unfortunately we can’t now “.

“The feelings are good beyond the fact that they don’t give you points but what we did against Paraguay leaves me alone. The balance is more than positive beyond the fact that we would have liked to win.”

“Uruguay historically is a difficult rival for Argentina. They are two historical teams and I admire their way of facing the Qualifiers, the World Cups. I have friends there and I like their way of understanding football, we are quite similar in that regard.”

“It is a team with all the letters and has a mixture of young players and others of experience who contribute theirs. It is one of the best teams in the world, where it competes. It will be very difficult. “

“I am not a fan of statistics, they are only numbers. You have to play the games,” he declared about the “paternity” of Argentina over Celeste.

On the other hand, he demanded a decision from FIFA regarding the suspended match with Brazil: “I expect a resolution as soon as possible regarding the match against Brazil because we are going to play against them next month in the second leg. We were the victims in this case”.

Argentina will host Uruguay on Sunday from 8:30 pm at the Monumental stadium.

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