This is how Berlanga was shot down for the first time; remain undefeated

Édgar Berlanga fue derribado por Cóceres

Edgar berlanga remains undefeated as a professional and improved to 18-0 by defeating 96-93 by triple card unanimous decision Marcelo Esteban Coceres.

Although Berlanga He has won all of his contests, this was the second time in a row that he failed to knock out his rival, after in his first 16 matches he put everyone to sleep in the first round.

In addition, it was a fight that will leave him much learning, since the Argentine put him in serious condition at the end of the fight and even sent him to the canvas on one occasion.

The contest was not very different from the previous confrontations that it had Berlanga, always going forward, throwing power blows and driving his opponent back.

Although in the first rounds it seemed that the Argentine was not going to be able to keep up, he managed to give the Puerto Rican blood more than a couple of surprises.

He landed very hard blows, showing that in defense he still lacks a lot to Edgar if you want to compete against the best super middleweight in the division.

Knockdown to the canvas to Berlanga

Although it was seen fast and on different occasions it was noted that Coceres he felt the punch, he also received several punches when he stood still for some sections of the fight.

Berlanga He always went forward, but he needed to cut off the ring and little by little he was working on Marcelo, only that the latter responded with a combination that in the seventh round touched Edgar.

Still for the eighth it took a lot for the Puerto Rican to find his fists, but Esteban He did not take advantage of the moment and let Berlanga recover.

However, in the ninth chapter came the surprise, after Coceres sent him to the canvas after a left hook. The Argentine went to hunt him down, but the bell rang.

Already in the tenth it was pure procedure with Edgar berlanga to the front and Marcelo Esteban Coceres very cautious with the eye practically closed.

Edgar berlanga thus he remains undefeated in 18 fights as a professional, seeking to position himself as one of the best super middleweight. For its part, Marcelo Esteban Coceres suffered their third loss to make their mark at 30-3-1.

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