Uruguay beat the United States and will be present in France in 2023

Uruguay beat the United States and will be present in France in 2023

Uruguay defeated the United States 34-15 and secured their place in the 2023 World Cup in France. For the first time in their history, Los Teros qualified as Americas 1 and will be in Group A along with the All Blacks, France, Italy and the best qualifying team in Africa.

From the beginning, the Uruguayan national team made his leadership clear and did so with points. The try of Rodrigo silva At the dawn of the meeting, it was premonitory of what ended up happening and the first warning from the celestial ones. The United States did not sit idly by and with a penalty of Will Magie and a good try for wing blind Mika Kruse, the visit turned things around momentarily.

However, Uruguay did not lose its temper. In a way applied to his game plan, he managed to play away from his ingoal and made the most of each infraction of his rival. The foot of Favaro It gave him an advantage to go to rest 13 to 8 up and be able to face the complement in another way.

In the second half, the game had the Uruguayans as clear dominators. The try of Gaston Mieres at the start it seemed to leave the United States without reaction. The conquests of Silva and Gattas they arrived immediately and left Las Águilas in a knock out.

The United States tried to get back into the game by moving the bench and with a Dyer with fifteen minutes to go. But Uruguay was solid, convinced and firm to stay with a game that was much more even than it ended up being.

It was a triumph and Uruguayan delirium before its people and a hard blow for the United States that will seek its last opportunity to go to France 2023 against Chile. The winner of this series will be in Group D along with England, Japan, Argentina and Samoa.


URUGUAY (34): 1. Mateo Sanguinetti, 2. Facundo Gattas, 3. Diego Arbelo, 4. Ignacio Dotti, 5. Manuel Leindekar, 6. Manuel Ardao, 7. Santiago Civetta, 8. Manuel Diana, 9. Santiago Arata, 10. Felipe Etcheverry, 11. Gastón Mieres, 12. Andrés Vilaseca, 13. Nicolás Freitas, 14. Federico Favaro, 15. Rodrigo Silva.

Changes: ST: 16´ Tomás Inciarte for Santiago Arata, 21´ Eric Dosantos for Manuel Diana and Felipe Arcos Pérez. by Nicolás Freitas, 27´ Diego Magno by Ignacio Dotti, 30´Juan Echeverría, by Diego Arbelo, 31´Guillermo Pujadas by Facundo Gattas, 33´Franco Lamanna by Manuel Leindeka, 38´ Matías Benítez by Mateo Sanguinetti.

United States (15): 1- David Ainu´u, 2- Kapeli Pifeleti, 3- Joe Taufete´e; 4- Nate Brakeley, 5- Nick Civetta; 6- Andrew Guerra, 7- Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, 8- Cam Dolan; 9- Ruben De Haas, 10- Will Magie; 11- Mika Kruse, 12- Taveti Lopeti, 13- Bryce Campbell, 14- Christian Dyer; 15- Marcel Brache.

Changes: PT: 36´ Will Holey by Marcel Brache. ST, 9´ Luke Carty by Will Maggie and Greg Peterson by Nate Brakeley, 10´ Benjamin Bonasso by Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, 16´ Nate Ausgspurger, by Ruben De Haas, Dylan Fawsitt by Kapeli Pifelet, Matt Harmon by David Ainu´ uy Paul Mullen by Joe Taufete’e.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 4´ Try by Rodrigo Silva, converted by Federico Favaro (U), 8´Penal by Will Magie (EU), 28´Try by Mika Kruse (EU), 35´ and 39´ penalties by Federico Favaro (U).

Partial Result: Uruguay 13 – 8 United States.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 1´ Try by Gastón Mieres, converted by Federico Favaro (U), 8´Try by Facundo Gattas, converted by Federico Favaro (U), 13´ Try by Rodrigo Silva, converted by Federico Favaro (U), 23´ Try by Christian Dyer, converted by Luke Carty ( EU).

Final score: Uruguay 34-15 United States.

Referee: Damien Schneider

Stadium: Charrúa

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