Wilder’s sparring reveals how he felt about fighting with Fury

Deontay Wilder y Robert Helenius

Robert Helenius, sparring Deontay Wilder, assured that he sees it with great confidence for his fight against Tyson fury by the belt of the full weights of the CMB.

“He really looks very strong and too confident for the fight,” he said. Robert to Boxingscene.com. “The sparring has been really great. He feels very strong and has a lot of self-confidence ”.

Helenius was a sparring partner of Deontay on various occasions and contested three to four rounds per session.

The Finn arrived at the camp in early September to conclude his preparation for his fight against the Pole. Adam kownacki, which will be part of the main billboard of Fury-Wilder.

Less sparring with Wilder

Although it was not the first time they shared sparring, Johan lindstrom, coach of Helenius, felt that these sessions were not as intense as on previous occasions.

“We were there for several weeks, but this time we didn’t do that many rounds with Wilder because he had many companions ”, he pointed out. “We are helping and after that we also had our own sparrings, people who are a little more like the Kownacki“.


Although they were not long sessions, Lindstrom assured that the preparation with Wilder it will bring you great benefits.

“These sessions are sure to help us, Wilder it belongs to the elite and has helped us improve our weapons, “he said. “We knew they weren’t going to throw power shots because they have big fights ahead of them, but the technique, the reaction, the pace. All with Wilder it’s a different feeling ”.

Despite the different styles between Wilder and Kownacki, the coach stressed that the training sessions have helped to improve the technique of Helenius and it has made him adapt to different ways of fighting.

“Different things sometimes bring good things, fighting with less tall people, with a more punishing style in recent years, is not what everyone always wants to go through,” he said. “So being with Wilder his level has risen a lot. He has benefited even if he is not the type of fighter we are going to be with, his reactions, his timing and things like that have seen improvements. For adaptation it is always good to fight with different people ”.

Although Helenius defeated Kownacki In their fight in March 2020, he is not the favorite for this Saturday’s rematch.

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