Bolivia vs. Peru – Match Report – October 10, 2021

Bolivia vs.  Peru - Match Report - October 10, 2021

EFE – The Bolivian national team beat Peru 1-0 this Sunday at 3,640 meters above sea level in La Paz thanks to a goal from Ramiro Vaca, who entered at 82 minutes and just seconds later signaled the difference in a match that walked for a draw that hurt

The victory takes Green out of the penultimate place in the World Cup qualifying rounds and Peru slows it down in its process of approaching the playoff spot.

La Blanquirroja, despite arriving in La Paz with four sensitive casualties, such as that of its historical top scorer, Paolo Guerrero, went on to be favored in the 75th minute due to the expulsion of Henry Vaca, who had entered the field just 14 minutes earlier. by Hernando Siles.

But Ricardo Gareca’s men did not count on the rebellious reaction of Bolivian midfielder Ramiro Vaca to score the agonizing goal.

The first minutes of the first half were marked by the offensive arrivals of La Verde to put pressure on the Peruvian team with two clear attempts by forward Carmelo Algarañaz.

The visitors disturbed with shots from Yoshimar Yotún and Marcos López that disturbed Carlos Lampe.

Bolivia’s coach, Venezuelan César Farías, promoted two changes to bring in Leonel Justiniano and Cameroonian Marc Enoumba.

The first dangerous play was in the 51st minute when Algarañaz tried to surprise Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro Gallese with his head and then Bolivian striker Marcelo Moreno Martins took advantage of the rebound of the ball from the left wing to shoot towards the goal without scoring a goal.

Midfielder Ramiro Vaca entered in the 82nd minute to replace Fernando Saucedo and within minutes of his entry he managed to open the scoring with a shot down the left wing from outside the area.

The Bolivian team is currently in eighth position with nine points, while Peru is in seventh place with eleven goals.

La Verde came to this meeting after a 3-0 defeat during their visit to Ecuador and now they will have to get ready to host Paraguay on Thursday at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz.

Meanwhile, Peru faced Bolivia after a 2-0 victory over Chile and is now preparing to travel to Buenos Aires to face the Argentine team on October 14.

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