In a historic five-knockdown fight, Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder

En una pelea histórica de cinco caídas, Tyson Fury noqueó a Deontay Wilder

In one of the best fights in recent heavyweight history, Tyson fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in the eleventh round to retain the WBC world heavyweight championship Saturday night in Las Vegas.

It was a fight where there were five falls. Fury fell twice, and Wilder fell three in electrifying combat, physical, and all the time on a powder keg.

Tyson fury made good use of his huge advantage of almost 20 kilos in tonnage to recharge the body of a Wilder that he was physically drowning as the fight progressed.

In the third round, Fury sent to the canvas Wilder with a powerful right hand, and the American got up very hurt, but the bell saves him.

The fight reached epic levels in the fourth round, thanks to the brutal right hand of Deontay Wilder. It was precisely a right straight that entered fully at the temple of Tyson fury seconds to finish the round. The Englishman was injured, his legs buckled and he went to the canvas. Got up. Wilder It was for him and the English fell again. He gets up with a few seconds on the clock, and now it’s a Fury who saves the bell.

After an intense fight and much struggle, the tenth was again adverse for Deontay Wilder. The American looked exhausted, melted. After Wilder missed a blow, could not return to his defense, and was where Tyson He entered with a violent right on the American to send him to the canvas.

In a dramatic somersault, Wilder returned in the final stretch of the round, and ended the chapter hurting Fury with three strong rights in the corner. The bell returns to save Tyson fury that seems shaken and hurt.

The outcome of the fight was seismic. Wilder he is badly hurt, slow, no reflexes, wobbly. His hands are heavy. He fails to defend himself, and opened the target for a very violent right hook from Tyson fury that came dry to the chin of Wilder that falls as a table. The referee for the fight immediately.

In a historic fight Tyson fury retained the world heavyweight championship belt of the CMB. And immediately, total unification with the newly crowned monarch of the FIB, AMB and OMB, Oleksandr Usyk.

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