This is how Deontay Wilder spent the night after war with Fury, according to his trainer

Así pasó la noche Deontay Wilder tras guerra con Fury, según su entrenador

Malik Scott, coach of Deontay Wilder, tells how his fighter spent the night after losing by knockout in the eleventh round in a real war against Tyson fury.

Scott account in interview with ES News that he was able to talk to him while he was being checked by the doctors, about 45 minutes.

“I took him to his room, he saw a doctor later,” he narrated Malik Scott. “It’s okay. He has a cut on his lip, he broke his hand, a finger, his knuckle, something like that. But life goes on”.

Malik ensures that, while being reviewed by doctors, Wilder He asked him to tell him how the whole fight went.

“Brother, tell me how the whole fight went,” he says. Scott what did you ask Deontay. “What did I do wrong? And of course I was going to tell him everything. what we did wrong and what we did right. I wanted to give you a quick analysis. “

The coach agreed to tell him how the whole fight went.

“When I was with the doctors, I was just laying back, relaxing,” he recalls. Scott. “And I told him how the whole fight was, bit by bit. I told him in which parts he rushed, in which parts he relaxed. That in the first round he came out and did well, that he did everything we worked on, that he took control of the center of the ring ”.

Scott mind that Deontay Wilder He just lay back, eyes closed, and didn’t respond much.

“I told him what things I thought had been lacking physically, in which we have to continue working,” he recalls Malik. “I told him all the good and all the bad in a short 45 minute span that I spoke to him while he was with the doctors being checked. He didn’t answer much, he just answered ‘aha’, with his eyes closed, lying down ”.

“Deontay Wilder has the biggest heart in all of sport”

Visibly excited and on the verge of tears Malik Scott reveals that he will go ahead with Deontay Wilder.

“Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and go have breakfast with him and we’ll make another plan. Life goes on, and we have to move on “, reveals Scott. “I would say that Deontay He has the biggest heart of not just boxing, but of the entire sport. And almost the largest heart in all of humanity. Deontay Wilder in my opinion it is very, very different. I’ve never met anyone like him. “

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