Also in the NFL, time puts everyone in their place

Also in the NFL, time puts everyone in their place

Teams that dazzled at the start of the season have faded once the level of competition rose in recent weeks

Surely you have ever heard the phrase: “Time puts everyone in their place“.

Always, the start of a season in the NFL brings us some doubts and expectations. Even predicting who will be the best or worst teams is a toss-up. The preseason will never be a parameter to use the “crystal ball.”

This season, for example, some teams started off with a surprising winning streak that quickly put them in the spotlight.

But, father time has taken it upon himself to undress them.

They entered Week 4 with an immaculate record, 3-0. It is true that the arrival of Teddy bridgewater as a quarterback, he seemed to open up the possibilities for the Vic fangio.

Three victories at the start of the season are not negligible and make anyone look away, but that record was as bogus as a $ 3 bill.

Beat the three worst teams in the NFL it has no merit whatsoever. The Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants and New York Jets They have 15 games played in total, but between the three they add only two wins.

Against the Baltimore Ravens, in Week 4, they showed us their true face. And this day against Pittsburgh steelers, a team that is very decimated, they could not win.

Those in black and silver had tougher rivals than Broncos. They started cattle in “Monday Night Football“, in a great game to the Ravens, then the Steelers reported. It was a dream start, because they would realize after the Miami dolphins.

Applause for those of the “capital of the game.”

But in Week 4, they ran into their harsh reality, losing to a division rival for which the stumble hurts more.

Los Angeles Chargers they exhibited the Raiders, which were not responsive.

As if that were not enough, in this Week 5, they fell to the Chicago Bears, who lined up the rookie as a starting quarterback Justin fields.

Perhaps, the worst thing in this case was not the defeat, but the exhibition so poor, so lacking in arguments and creativity. On both sides of the ball the pupils of Jon gruden they disappeared.

The second year of Matt rhule as head coach he forced him to a better season. The quarterback Sam darnold came from the Jets, with the aim of redeeming his career that in the first stage with New Yorkers was forgotten. Without Christian mccaffrey, this team is nothing and it was evident in the last two weeks.

They lost in Week 4 against the Dallas cowboys, and this week against a team with many limitations such as Philadelphia Eagles they also fell. Darnold he was intercepted twice.

It’s true, just like the RaidersThey still have a positive mark, but for neither of them the calendar is accessible.

In one of the most difficult and competitive divisions such as National Conference West Division, the 49ers They started with a 2-0 record, of course beating Detroit Lions and Philadelphia. Nothing to brag about, but the start of the season sounded good.

But, in Week 3, they lost to the Green bay packers and in Week 4, against a rival from their own division, the Seattle Seahawks.

On this day, with the rookie quarterback Trey lance As a starter, they faced the only undefeated and also rival in their sector, Arizona cardinals. The result ended in disappointment for his fans.

They started 2-0, and then they have added three consecutive losses, the last two against rivals in their division, with which – in an eventual position to qualify for the playoffs – those two losses could complicate their ticket.

A lot can happen between now and the end of the season in a league as competitive as the NFL, but after almost a third of the championship has passed, it does not appear that any of the four teams mentioned above have arguments to reach the playoffs.

There is no doubt that time puts everyone in their place.

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