Deontay Wilder’s reasons for not acknowledging Tyson Fury’s win, according to Wilder’s coach

Malik Scott, Deontay Wilder y Tyson Fury

Malik Scott, coach of Deontay Wilder, explained the reason why the former US champion did not want to shake hands with Tyson fury after his victory.

Deontay obviously go to Fury as a man with whom he had serious problems beyond the ring, with certain accusations that he made, and certain things that he actually saw with his own eyes (in Fury), ”he argued Malik Scott in interview for ES News. “After the fight, and after having released all that energy in the fight, he (Wilder) I still felt the same things as before (against Fury). Nothing changed on that side ”.

As a coach, Malik Scott noted that for his part, he does recognize the triumph of Fury, and the work of his coach Sugarhill Steward, heir to the glories of his uncle Emmanuel Steward, one of the best coaches in history.

“I was going to go and shake hands with all the competitors, not just Tyson Fury, I speak of SugarHill (Steward) with whom I have a good relationship and who is a great coach, ”he said. Malik Scott. “We were not only going to face Tyson fury, we were going to face the gym of the Kronk, to the mentality of Kronk, what was Emmanuel steward, and from whom Sugarhill he’s a nephew, and they’ve done beautiful things in boxing. Every night when we watched fight videos, when I encouraged Wilder, the opposition was my motivation too, beyond just working with Deontay. I knew Who were we going to fight against ”.

Malik took the opportunity also to praise the fight plan of Fury and from his coach SugarHill Steward.

“Fury he is a very, very strong and very intelligent fighter, that’s the truth, “he said. “They had a smart plan, recharging all that weight and tiring Deontay. At first I thought I was going to be able to stop Fury before the fifth round and it’s almost done. But we have to accept that it was a spectacular trilogy closing ”.

How would they fare against Usyk?

Malik Scott gave his predictions on how he would fare Fury and Wilder facing the complete champion of the WBA, FIB and OMB, Oleksandr Usyk.

“I believe that Usyk and Wilder it would be a great fight, “he said. “Yes AJ makes the necessary adjustments can better fight Usykbut I think I would beat him. The style of Wilder would be better for a fight with Usyk, easy about 10 times better than AJ”.

On the possible unification combat with Fury, Scott noted that Tyson and his team would apply a strategy similar to the one they used with them and tire the Ukrainian and then win.

“It will go by UsykIt is going to recharge on it and pressure it and then liquidate it ”, he mentioned. “They make the opponent tire because of the weight they put on him. Tyson He’s not an artist who knocks you out in one fell swoop, but he’s still a very smart fighter. “

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