Faitelson Mentions Who Are Better Pound-for-Pound Boxers Than Canelo

Faitelson ataca a Canelo Álvarez

David faitelson, analyst and commentator for ESPN, refused to acknowledge Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez as the best boxer pound for pound and assured that there are others with greater abilities than the Mexican.

“It seems to me that today, when you take the best pound for pound, you have to consider many aspects and I do not know if it meets all the aspects Canelo Alvarez“, argument Faitelson in an interview with Fine Boxing. “For me there are more complete boxers than Saul, but they have not had the activity either ”.

Faitelson mentioned the case of Terence crawford and its lack of weight rivals.

“In case of Terence crawford, I can not tell you that he has had the same rivals or the same presence as him Canelo Alvarez above the ring ”, he pointed out. “They have not been as important to the boxing industry as they have been Canelo”.

And finally, David He mentioned who are the fighters that he considers more complete Libra for Libra than Canelo.

“I like it more Terence crawford, I like it Oleksandr Usyk, I like it Naoya inoue“, argument Faitelson. “They are much more complete boxers for me than Saul. But of course, they do not have the dimension or the importance that the Mexican has ”.

Faitelson prediction for Canelo vs Plant

David faitelson assured that Caleb Plant it will not tickle Canelo Alvarez and hopes that the monarch of the FIB At 168 pounds you don’t have the same stage fright as your previous rivals.

“It won’t even tickle him, with all due respect to Caleb Plant”, He analyzed Faitelson. “Let’s hope that at least he doesn’t die of fear like the other two Englishmen, Callum smith and Billy joe saunders, or what finally happened to the Turk (Avni) Yildirim. Stage fright tends to reduce their conditions ”.

The boxer from Guadalajara will unify the super middle belts against Caleb Plant next November 6 at the MGM Grand Garden from The Vegas, Nevada.

“We hope that Caleb Plant don’t have that fear, ”he added. “Let go and try to do your boxing. He’s a good boxer, he walks well backwards, but he doesn’t have enough to hurt Canelo. I think there are other exponents in that weight that could put a little more pressure on the Canelo, David benavidez, Jermell charlo”.

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