“If you have to support, there I am”: Carlos Zárate and Alfonso Zamora lived the same as Miguel Ángel González

Carlos Zárate Alfonso Zamora Miguel Ángel González

Carlos Zarate and Alfonso Zamora, two legends of Mexican boxing lived for years in the dark world of addictions, and were able to get out of there, so they trust that with will and desire the former world champion Miguel Angel Gonzalez can also achieve it.

The week before people from World Boxing Council managed to get the Wizard González of his street situation and take him to the Nueva Vida rehabilitation clinic, in Ecatepec, State of Mexico. They hope that there, the former lightweight monarch will overcome his problems and resume a life different from that of recent months or years, on the streets, with alcohol and drugs.

So much Carlos Zarate, What Alfonso Zamora, who once faced each other on the ring, were able to overcome their addictions.

“If it is a question of supporting, there I am”, proposes Zárate

“The situation of Miguel Angel“, Confesses the Cañas Zárate in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. And up to a point, a lot of hope that the CMB has realized that weakness that you have Miguel Angel and that we all help him. If it is a matter of supporting, I am gladly there, because I know about that life, that suffering, that pain. It’s not easy to get out, but I think taking responsibility and wanting to do it ”.

Zarate, who was the bantamweight champion of the CMB, He spent more than 15 years in the world of addictions after his definitive retirement from boxing in 1988. It was then that Jose Sulaiman, who was president of the organization, held out his hand. It was difficult at first, but he was able to pull it off.

“When that is not accepted, you want to continue in that environment,” he acknowledges. Zarate. “You have to endure and endure because you suffer a lot to recover. It’s not just going to (a rehab center) and saying ‘I’m doing everything I can’. Inside there are many dangers, also many inmates who have no remedy, who invite you to leave and continue the party. Also with the hangover that someone has from everything they have smoked or drunk, the nerves start to die there, you want to go crazy, go out, not exist ”.

Of what you are sure Zarate is that there is an all-powerful being who helped him overcome that situation, particularly the ten months that he was hospitalized.

“Being locked up feels fucked up,” recalls the Cañas Zárate. “It was a hacienda, I saw a silhouette of Christ tied with wires, I knelt down and wept. I asked him to help me, little by little my nerves and anxiety calmed down. I thought of my children, the time that I had abandoned them and I said ‘it can’t be’, I had to want to “.

Now with the Wizard González In this situation, he considers that his friend will have to be patient and endure, sure that if he succeeds, he will be able to

“If he is relieved, he will have a lot of help,” he says. Zarate. “The same as Julio (César Chávez), that I. There are champions who have straightened their lives and changed their directions, who are productive and I ask with my heart that it goes well Miguel Angel. He is a good friend of mine and we are on the lookout ”.

You have to have someone to fight or live for, says Alfonso Zamora

Another former world champion who just like Carlos Zarate lived a similar situation, it is Alfonso Zamora. He entered the world of drugs from the age of 13 and did so many times during his professional career. After knowing the situation of the Wizard González, assures that only family and God could help him.

“As far as you want, you give yourself strength or take it away if you don’t have to live for,” he said. Zamora. “I do not know how your situation is in reference to the familiar, what decides. You no longer have to fight for yourself, but for who to do, for whom to fight or live ”.

Waiting for you Miguel Angel can overcome his addiction problems, the Olympic medalist in Munich 72 made it clear that it will be difficult for the Wizard Do it. Especially for the time that he has been like this, but with God’s help he will achieve it.

“It will be difficult because the Wizard He has already decided, he has been on the street for many years ”, he commented Zamora. “It will be very difficult, but God is great, he takes care of each one of us and can help him, it is the only way that he Wizard he can get out of it, looking for God ”.

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