Óscar Washington Tabárez: “This for us has been a slap in the face”

Óscar Washington Tabárez: "This for us has been a slap in the face"

Teacher Oscar Washington Tabárez spoke after the hard defeat of Uruguay against Argentina for the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup and in a conference, the Celeste coach highlighted the rival’s performance, analyzed the causes of the result and assured the team must show rebellion in the face of what is coming.

Asked about the superiority shown by the rival, the coach of the Uruguayan team said that “Argentina at this time has culminated an evolution of years that has led it to stabilize its game a lot, its squad, it has won a continental title and in my view the most remarkable point of the team is when it finds spaces in the vicinity of the rival area. The idea of ​​the system change was to populate the area and try to counteract that. At the beginning it was happening and we even had some chances solved by the Argentine goalkeeper, but as the minutes went by they were taking the game precisely there, where we did not want. Sometimes goals are given like the first one, which was unexpected mainly due to the form, but then the result was totally justified. We tried to find the return to the game but the goals came at crucial moments”.

He added that “We could not specify. Apart from defending well, when the ball is recovered you have to take it to the rival area and we did it only in the first minutes. Then Argentina dominated the game, which also has Messi, a leading Messi at the moment and that makes itself felt on the field”.

Regarding the causes of the defeat, the Uruguay coach said: “We could not. Soccer is a very special sport, you can play 120 minutes and go 0-0, and those that mark the oscillations of confidence and unease are the goals, the only quantifiable facts there are. A very beautiful move if it is not transformed into results does not change the relationship of forces. That is what happened, Argentina gained confidence when it had spaces, all those things are linked and make the result have been bulky”.

In one of the most curious moments of the press conference, the teacher was consulted about what concerns him most about the performance of La Celeste, to which he replied: “Coaches have permanent concerns, and I think that what a coach should do is take care of problems and see how they are solved. There were very important players in our football who were not there and we do not have as many equal players, in quantity, as Argentina does. Today we missed Giorgian De Arrascaeta and Rodrigo Bentancur who are key, as well as others who have been. As a coach once said, ‘you have to close the sphincters, everyone, and the main one is the mouth. The only thing that can vindicate us are the results that we can obtain in the future, and that is what we are going to focus on starting tomorrow.”.

Looking to the future, Tabárez said that “This group knows that it is in difficult moments that they should put the best face on themselves, it hurts all of us. You compete to try to win and when it is not achieved and is overcome you must have the humility to recognize the superiority of the rival, but you must also have rebellion”.

Finally, the conductor of the Uruguayan team highlighted what can be rescued from such a negative night: “He tried to carry out the plan that we had made, but to no avail. He knew how to suffer on the court and have rebellion. Losing is losing, and the feeling is different if you lose by one goal or if you lose by three. This has been a slap in the face for us, but between us we are going to try to get out of this game because we are still in the qualifying zone”.

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