Super Lamar

Super Lamar

Now that the weekend came flying to Baltimore for him “Monday Night Football” between the Ravens and the Colts, I was remembering that, in these years that I have been a court reporter, more than 15 years that I do not count them so much, certain players came to mind who have played the position of quarterback and what can run and throw.

Really Randall Cunningham it did not touch me; it’s more what he did Michael Vick with the Falcons, but with all the problems he had off the court, he never reached his potential; Although it became the one that sold the most shirts, it was very media. I remember a few years ago in Washington about Robert Griffin III, it was spectacular; the way to deceive if it was run or pass, it reminded me of the times when the illusionist David Copperfield visited Mexico and made that movement of the hands. But what happened? At the end of the day, the defenses found him the trick and he ran and ran and embedded him in the field of play and ended up injuring himself.

Colin Kaepernick, we’re not going to talk so much about him right now, it was also a flare of a backpack, he knew how to run, but he couldn’t throw. Russell wilson, a very special character, he has already won his Super Bowl, but he is not injured for nothing; that is, the quarterback A runner who constantly seeks to run ends up injuring himself. It’s reality. Even the same Patrick Mahomes has been injured.

And what of Lamar jackson is incredible. We had a “Monday Night Football” in Las Vegas and although he lost, he has the ability to run and physically prevail against the defender, but now he is shooting very well and that I think is the big difference.

It was already Mvp (Most valuable Player), he already beat Mahomes This year, I got to make the playoff game in Nashville against the Titans when he had a touchdown of more than 50 yards. This Monday at the “Monday Night Football”, when they receive the Colts at home, they are going to see a Lamar jackson different; listened, changed his dynamics, his footwork and is having its best year when from the bag of protection it throws out the numbers, with an average of 10 passes per game and 80 percent effectiveness.

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We asked him a few hours ago on the production board about that and he said, “Yes, now I feel more comfortable, when I’m in the parking lot, I don’t have to be constantly moving And I’m feeling good”.

So there’s a long way to go, but you have to enjoy Lamar jackson this monday in “Monday Night Football”. At the court level I can tell you that he is someone unique, because he can run and impose his physique on defenders; but now that they changed his mechanics and that he is in his fourth year with the RavensJohn Harbaugh told him: “Everybody wanted to make you wide receiver, no quarterback; now, show your people. “And he’s showing them, here in Baltimore, the minority is African American, just as they identified with Ray Lewis now they identify with Lamar jackson.

Enjoy the “Monday Night Football”; because Lamar jackson is on its way to be Mvp again and, in one of those, fight with everything and injuries and get into the Super Bowl. Enjoy the “Monday Night Football” with Pablo, Lalo and John.

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