“Usyk is not going to beat Tyson Fury”: Andre Ward analyzes the panorama in the heavy

“Usyk no le va a ganar a Tyson Fury”: Andre Ward analiza el panorama en los pesados

The former champion, Andre Ward, assured that the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk I would have no chance against Tyson fury, if a unification fight were to be made in the heavy to find the undisputed champion.

“(Usyk) is not going to beat Tyson Fury “, said Andre Ward in interview for Behind The Gloves. “Tyson fury He’s not just a big, clumsy guy. He is skilled and can fight ”.

Ward think that Usyk I should fight revenge with Anthony Joshua, and then face Tyson Fury.

“I believe that (Fury) is too much mass, (for Usyk), but Anthony Joshua has to fight against Usyk in the rematch, ”he argued Andre Ward. “So I think Tyson fury must fight the winner (of Joshua and Usyk), whoever it is, and try to get more titles ”.

Ward commented that with what was shown by Gypsy king in the third fight before Deontay Wilder, the British no longer has anything to prove. If you beat Oleksandr Usyk he could quietly retire.

“If successful, let him ride into the sunset. He has nothing left to prove, ”he explained.

Ward sees Usyk favorite over Joshua in rematch

Andre Ward He also commented on the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Usyk, and said that Joshua you could get your belts back if you improve certain things.

“I think you can (get them back), but you need to change some things,” he argued. Ward. “He needs to keep shedding muscle like he tried to do in the first fight.” He (Joshua) showed us that you can make adjustments like you did with Andy ruiz. So I don’t think we can rule it out. I know people are ruling it out, but that’s what people do in boxing, ”he argued. “They want to be the first person to say, ‘He’s going to be the good guy,’ and then the first person to jump off the boat when something bad happens. He (Joshua) you can make the necessary adjustments ”.

Ward It was also said annoying because there are many people are saying that AJ he doesn’t have the heart to prove himself in boxing.

“I was talking to someone else the other day. They talked about what Anthony Joshua it has no heart. I just tell them, ‘Brother; You don’t get where he got as an amateur and as a professional without a heart, “he said.

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