Cowboys are already starting to think about the Super Bowl, after their 4-1 start

Cowboys are already starting to think about the Super Bowl, after their 4-1 start

Wide receiver Amari Cooper admitted that, after such a positive start to the season as Dallas is experiencing, the club is thinking big

ARLINGTON – Amari Cooper rejected the suggestion that the 44-20 triumph of the Dallas cowboys Over the New York Giants was even more impressive, due to a sloppy start that kept the Giants in the game longer than they should have been.

The recipient’s reaction illustrates where the Cowboys who can come after four consecutive wins after suffering a loss in the final seconds in the first game of the campaign against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, current champions of the Super bowl.

“We don’t need those kinds of mistakes,” he admitted. Cooper, who had a 24-yard touchdown catch. “It’s about us, who we want to be, where we want to go.”

Cooper does not deny the place where you are Dallas (4-1), which leads the East Division of the National Conference for two games, before the team travels to meet the New England Patriots on Sunday. It does not matter that it is a place where Cowboys They haven’t been since the 1995 season.

“When you’re on a streak like this, you start thinking about the Super bowl. That is the reality, “he commented. Cooper. “You start to want it more and more the closer you get, and you start to worry more about the little things.”

The errors occurred with two turnovers by the quarterback Dak prescott in the first two periods. The first was an interception that stopped the first play and the second was a turnover when Dallas was at yard 5 of New York. Prescott he recovered and threw for 302 yards and three touchdowns.


Interceptions keep coming to the defense of Dallas. Trevon diggs lead the NFL with six and has at least one in each of the five games. The interception return at the 45-yard line Anthony Brown for a touchdown near the end extended the streak of Dallas with meetings with at least two interceptions to nine, going back to the previous season.


The role of the tight end Blake jarwin on offense remains a mystery when it was believed that it would proliferate in the offensive coordinator scheme Kellen moore on his return from a knee injury that put him out of Week 1 last year. Jarwin did not start for the first time this season before New York, while Dalton schultz, had a maximum of six catches for 79 yards.

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