“My dad is not a homeless man”: Miguel Ángel González’s daughter talks about the situation of former world champion

Hija de Miguel Ángel González

Former boxer Miguel Angel Gonzalez he’s only been in the rehab clinic for a week New life and his face is different, he is even seen with encouragement and even hitting the pear, said his daughter Fernanda Gonzalez, who ruled out that his father is homeless, only won the party and addictions.

“It is something sweet and sour” what they are living, assured the daughter of the Wizard González in the Coffee Tuesday of the CMB. “We are definitely happy because he has the help, but a little sad for the time we have waited. The important thing is that she is with the help right now, happy, calm ”.

Former lightweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) looks better. Inclusive, Fernanda received a video showing Miguel Angel Gonzalez hitting the pear, which keeps the family calm, particularly her and her sister.

“I saw it in a video in the pear and it looks different, it was the first day it had arrived,” he commented. Fernanda. “Without a doubt, I have expectations that it will be fine and it will turn out much better. I see it too well, my dad’s face when he is in the gym is definitely something else ”.

“My father is not a vagabond,” clarifies the daughter of Miguel Ángel González

What the daughter of the Wizard González is that his dad is not homeless. Although he acknowledged that it is wrong, it is not to the degree that some media outlets mentioned.

“I told them that my father is not a tramp or beggar,” said the daughter of the Wizard. “He has had no need. He grew up in (colony) Rome and he has friends there, he beat him to the party and stayed there. When someone did not bring tennis or a jacket, and if he saw someone in greater need, he gave it to them. He is more detached with things, but he has places to live, he has to live quite well, but he won the party as happened to some boxers ”.

After reiterating that the news was out of context, since he is not in the conditions of destitution that were said, he confirmed that his father has had addictions for many years. Now they hope that this process will not be interrupted and soon they can see Miguel Angel Gonzalez and see it well.

“It has to go through certain psychological and medical processes and then the visits come,” he said. Fernanda. “You have to wait, be patient and not interrupt the process that is so important to my dad. We had already been there for several years, he took the partying on his own, it was time to take action on the matter ”.

Although the Wizard he has a lot of family, Fernanda and his sister are now primarily responsible for the former boxer. They are grateful to the hacienda New life and with Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the CMB. And for their dad, they only have words of thanks and affection for their dad.

“I am only grateful to my father,” said his daughter. “He is a good man and an incredible human being who is going through a difficult time, but we are here to help and support him. He was very detached and many people depended on what he gave them, it was not convenient for them to be like this (boarding school). We try to help in a certain way, but there is nothing better than being with professionals ”.

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