Where are the Raiders heading after Jon Gruden’s abrupt departure?

Where are the Raiders heading after Jon Gruden's abrupt departure?

The coach’s sudden departure from the email scandal leaves the organization in a difficult position with many questions to answer; Remember that you can follow the NFL through Star +, subscribe here!

HENDERSON – Jon gruden left, the cascade of inflammatory and offensive emails sealed his fate when he stepped down as head coach of Las vegas raiders Monday night, in the fourth season of his 10-year, $ 100 million deal.

The shocking development, five games into the 2021 season, leaves more questions than answers as the team, which got off to a 3-0 start, is currently on a two-game losing streak and heads to Denver for the weekend. . Questions? We have answers … we think so.

Why is Rich Bisaccia the interim head coach instead of Gus Bradley or Tom Cable?

Technically, because Bisaccia he was the associate head coach, he was next in line. Also, he’s one of the most respected special teams coaches in the league – if not the most – and dominates the locker room like no one else. His booming voice is still on the field in more ways than one. Bradleyfor your part, you need to keep your attention on the defensive. He’s improved tremendously in his first year as defensive coordinator, so why mess with what’s been good? Leave it at that.

Cable has previous experience as a head coach, with the Raiders, no less, but he has his hands full with a renewed and ever-changing offensive line. Keep your sights on Greg though Olsonas he was more of a quarterback coach than a true offensive coordinator under the direction of Gruden, but now he should be the main person in charge of sending the plays.

Who should be on the head coach candidate list?

For more than one reason Mark Davis should have the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Eric Bienemy, on your agenda. The Raiders Not only could they steal an offensive coordinator from a divisional rival, but that hiring would also be a sign that the Raiders they take their commitment to diversity seriously. Above all, following emails from Gruden they had racial, homophobic and misogynistic overtones.

Also, stay tuned to Stanford’s head coach, David shaw, a former assistant to the Raiders from 1998 to 2001 under the orders of Gruden. Of course, if the Raiders go ahead under the command of Bisaccia, or the offense straightens with Olson calling the plays, your consideration would also be warranted. TO Davis he likes tradition and history when it comes to the only franchise he knows.

How long does the franchise delay the exit of Gruden?

How’s it going, too? After all, he signed a 10-year deal when he was hired. Gruden was hired after what Davis he called it “a seven-year dance” and, as of last week, had the highest security in the NFL. Moving to Las Vegas, although consummated before Gruden agree to return, lined up with his return to the sidelines.

The face of Gruden dominated advertisements around town as Allegiant Stadium was being built to entice potential ticket buyers for the entire season. The stadium is on the corner of the Al Davis Way and Dean Martin Drive, but the franchise is at a crossroads. And due to what Gruden resigned, you have to wonder if the Raiders they are committed for the more than 60 million remaining in their contract.

How does this affect quarterback Derek Carr, who had the best start of his career in the first three games?

Upon his return to the Raiders in 2018, Gruden changed his frenzied style of training to suit the sensitivities of Carr and Carr has responded in the same way, improving each year under the tutelage of Gruden. But is a volatile yet productive relationship like the one Gruden had with Rich Gannon at the beginning of the century? Not even close.

Carr had a difficult time when wide receiver Antonio Brown blew up the Raiders in 2019, so it will be interesting how he responds now with the departure of Gruden. However, it has a longer relationship with Olson, who was his offensive coordinator with the Raiders as a rookie in 2014. The impact of the abrupt exit of Gruden will drive you to become more of a leader and face of the franchise with greater freedom on the field, or Carr – who apparently is not interested in negotiating a contract extension during the season – will simply play with nothing to gain. And with Gruden, your biggest defender inside the building, outside, how long will it be Carr a Raider?

Will Mike Mayock take over the player staff?

Who else would it be? Look, Mayock is the general manager, hired with the approval of Gruden, but Mayock also recognized that Gruden had the final decision on the movements in the template. This frees Mayock, who was definitely in the hot seat (either fairly or unfairly) after so many apparent draft failures thus far, Clelin Ferrell, drafted fourth overall in the 2019 draft, only made 11 defensive plays in Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears. Mayock will build or destroy its own legacy in the future, and it is possible that Davis don’t have the stomach to completely overhaul the management. Again.

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