Carl Nassib asked to be absent from the Raiders in light of the scandal that led to Jon Gruden’s resignation

Carl Nassib asked to be absent from the Raiders in light of the scandal that led to Jon Gruden's resignation

General manager Mike Mayock said he has spoken to Nassib, the only openly gay player in the NFL, several times in recent days, noting there was “a lot to process.”

Carl nassib, the defensive lineman of Las vegas raiders who became the first gamer to advertise himself as openly gay in action in the history of the NFL Almost four months ago, he asked to take a personal day this Wednesday amid the scandal after the resignation of the head coach Jon gruden last Monday night, the general manager confirmed Mike mayock, according to Paul Gutierrez of ESPN

“It’s a lot to process,” he said. Mayock, Referring to Nassib, whom he described as “A community of one,” according to Gutierrez. Mayok He also said that he has spoken with Nassib on several occasions over the last few days, although he did not detail the content of those talks.

According to Gutierrez himself from ESPN, the general manager of the Raiders He also spoke with African-American players from the Raiders.

“I can’t put myself in your shoes. Help me,” he said. Mayock, according to Gutierrez.

Gruden submitted his resignation, which was immediately accepted, as head coach of the Raiders last Monday night, after The New York Times revealed the contents of several emails sent by Gruden over a period of years to the then president of the Washington Football Team, Bruce allen, where he used anti-gay, racist, misogynistic and bigotry language.

In emails leaked from Friday last week by The Wall Street Journal, Gruden used a racist insult against the executive director of the NFLPA; DeMaurice Smith, and in subsequent emails leaked by the Times, he used anti-gay language against the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, and against Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be selected in the draft of the NFL, accusing his own Goodell to pressure the then head coach of the Rams, Jeff Fisher, to choose Sam in 2014. Fisher publicly denied having been pressured to take Sam in the draft.

Gruden She was also critical of the progress of women officials in the league in the leaked emails.

The content of the emails came to light as part of a league investigation into team work culture. Washington.

After the departure of Gruden, the coordinator of special teams Rich bisaccia took the reins as interim head coach. According to the owner of the Raiders, Mark Davis, Mayock will now have 51 percent of staff decision-making power, with 49 percent for Bisaccia. Previously, 51 percent corresponded to Gruden, with the other 49 percent for Mayock.

Information from Paul Gutierrez was used in the writing of this note.

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