Scaloni: “Peru is a difficult team and the game will be difficult”

Scaloni: "Peru is a difficult team and the game will be difficult"

The Argentine National Team coach Lionel Scaloni anticipated the crossing with Peru, for the South American Qualifiers.

In the virtual conference, the technical director of the Albiceleste spoke with the press and here are his best phrases:

“We have a team of enormous hierarchy, of great forwards. The most difficult thing is the final decision. We want everyone to perform in their clubs, to have continuity.”

“If the team works and gives us positive signals, we don’t have to tweak so much. I ask them not to relax because all their teammates train to play. Nobody thinks they are a starter.”

“The retouching in the formation is for what we think the party needs, not so much for performance.”

“We value Lucas (Alario) but there are many and some should be left out. These are decisions that we have to make. We are here to do our best, he trains very well.”

“We must make it clear that the idea is always the same and try to improve depending on the rival we play with … it is not that we adapt, but there are nuances and we have available players to take advantage of”.

“The result and winning is important but in our way of understanding we must not give up anything for lost. Our players represent the people on the field. These players are not going to let us down, there will be better and worse games, but the dynamics of the team is marked and the feeling is that the results are a consequence of that. “

“Peru is a fairly clear team, they play the ball well, they have good foot players. At times, possession can be disputed. Although the team has its casualties, they have been playing together for a long time. It is not a team that is used to getting backwards. They face the games in the same way and it will be a difficult game. “

“We are liking River’s court but it is fair that the National Team can play in other cities. Against Brazil we will play in San Juan. We are going to play in the Interior, we all like to do it. It is fair that the National Team can play in other cities “.

“I don’t dare to say if the game against Uruguay was the best or not. But having played at home, with our public, makes everything more beautiful and much more empowered.”

“Lo Celso changes his position, he is a little more offensive or less, but his contribution is very good. He is a boy with a goal, we are happy with his work.”

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