Sergio Batista: “You can have the title and the medal, but the important thing is the recognition of the people”

Sergio Batista: "You can have the title and the medal, but the important thing is the recognition of the people"

1986 World Cup champion and former technical director of the Argentine National Team, Sergio Batista spoke about everything in the interview in ESPN F90. The recognized Checho He recalled different moments in his life: his anecdotes in the national team led by Carlos Bilardo, his friendship with Diego Maradona, the hard moments that led him to leave football, his work as technical director and how he sees the National Team facing the World Cup. Qatar

“You can have the title and the medal, but the important thing is the recognition of the people, which is something that now happens to the players who won the Copa América.”

The long note to Batista on ESPN F90 left a lot of interesting topics:

“Professionally, titles open a lot of doors for you at the contract level, but personally it is important to enjoy the simple things.”

“We had a great friendship with Diego. When he came from Napoli, after ’86, he called me and came to stay at my house for a couple of days with Claudia and the whole family.”

“I don’t have photos with him, the only ones we took were one with the World Cup and another that is now on the Argentinos Juniors mural.”

“We were such friends that we fought hard. The last time I tried him for what he had said, he had to apologize and he sent me to say it, from Dubai, by a mutual friend. When we met, we hugged each other and ended up talking about a project that he had in India, to which he wanted to take me ”.

“It hurts me when they talk about Diego without knowing him, he was a very generous guy, a good friend, memorable, brilliant.”

“We always told Bilardo that he took five years of work and five years of life. He handled everything, it was like a headwash, he convinced us and we followed him, if we had to leave things we would do it, we were happy, the group was very good ”.

“Carlos decided the date of my marriage. We had chosen one with my wife and he came to tell me that I better get married on September 2 because I was going to have more free time, that’s the way things were with Bilardo ”.

“I was fast mentally but slow if you started running one. He was a quick-starter, quick on the head, which is how a number five has to be, who has to look at the entire court while everyone is fighting to see where to put the ball ”.

“If I had stayed focused, I could have played longer. I had to go to Japan, I had to leave the place where I was, leave an environment that was not mine. I owe my recovery to my family, to my wife, to my friends, but it was in Japan where I finished it and I was able to return calmly to enjoy life ”.

“The Argentine player has a special relationship with the ball. That is the case of Lionel Messi, he wants to play ball, he wants to be with her, he feels it. The other one who felt that way was Diego ”.

“Football gave me everything, I can’t ask for anything more, I achieved everything I set out to do and shared with Diego and Messi.”

“I would not like to direct here, I prefer to do it outside, I seek tranquility”.

“Julio Grondona had a lot of pressure with Tevez so that he was in the National Team. But there were problems that today with the experience that I have I would not have endured, I would have stepped aside ”.

“For me, this is Messi’s best moment, not only because of what he plays but because of how he orders, how he commands, how he speaks.”

“I sit in front of the television and this National Team gives me peace of mind, I see it safe. I think they can be world champions, they have something very similar to ours, each one has a job and does it perfectly. We did the same, fulfilling every function that Carlos had given us ”.

“The coach Scaloni is a crack, after what happened he put together a team that is nice to see play, very safe and a very human group. He has no problem putting in and taking out that all the changes play well ”.

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