Source: Barcelona dreams of lowering the wage bill and becoming a crack

Source: Barcelona dreams of lowering the wage bill and becoming a crack

BARCELONA – Dream of a summer signing, that is how Barcelona’s claims to achieve in the summer period of 2022 could be titled, first, to lower its salary mass in such a way that, second, it can achieve the signing of a differential crack that supports young players who have to renew.

Thus, a source from the club did not reveal to ESPN, who when questioned if that objective could be the striker Erling Haaland, did not rule it out but did explain the complexity of the task.

An operation such as that of obtaining the signing of Haaland would far exceed 120 million dollars, which would not be impossible, from an economic point of view for the Barça club if, as announced by the general director Ferran Reverter during the presentation of the Due Diligence, the club “continues to do its homework to continue lowering the wage bill (…) If we do so, we can sign a crack”.

Without ruling out that during the winter market some 25 million dollars may be invested to reinforce the squad this season, the idea within Barcelona, ​​the source of the entity acknowledged to ESPN Deportes, is to already work on a consolidated sports project of future and in that sense both the renewal of the Pedri, Ansu Fati or Gavi as well as the incorporation of at least one differential footballer are faced, a challenge as ambitious as it is only feasible if during the coming months the club’s economic situation is stabilized and relaunched .

In this sense, the economic vice president Eduard Romeu referred, who during an interview with TV3 proclaimed that Barcelona is working on the signing of a new sponsorship contract for the shirt that, he trusts, improves the 55 million euros that Rakuten received earlier. of the coronavirus pandemic and that, advanced by ESPN Deportes, be the spearhead in that recovery to provide the necessary financial muscle.

In that sense, in addition, the club, following the parameters announced by Reverter, needs to lighten the salary mass of the staff in an obvious way and this would go through the departure of footballers with salaries well above their sports performance. The names of Philippe Coutinho, whose annual cost exceeds 25 million dollars, and Samuel Umtiti, close to 18, are the first to come on stage … But not the only ones.

The commitment to youth and the quarry has been reinforced, there are other players whose departure would lower that salary mass, such as Neto, Clément Lenglet or Martin Braithwaite … And always waiting to know what will happen to Ousmane Dembélé, whose contract ends in June 2022 and whose renewal, desired by the club with a clear reduction, is not on track at all. In fact, if the Frenchman ended up leaving at the end of the season, it would cause a salary savings of more than 15 million dollars more.


Barça, which will request the approval of a loan for 1,733 million dollars with Goldman Sachs to carry out the works of Espai Barça next Sunday to the assembly of delegates, does not consider, however, to negotiate its association with a investment fund outside the club to be able to reinforce the squad with that first-level signing, trusting in having the possibility of studying it for himself.

The hypothetical option of Haaland or another differential crack, considered in the club as a similar operation both due to the media and sporting impact of the one that the signing of Ronaldinho, or before that of Ronaldo, was not ruled out no matter how much understand monumental at all levels and return to the plane the option that the board of directors that directed the club had at the beginning of 1997, when Nike, which had not yet signed as a sponsor, offered the possibility of collaborating on the new contract that was being worked with Ronaldo , something that was not carried out and ended, months later, in the traumatic departure of the Brazilian striker to Inter Milan.

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