“What happened in conference with Canelo made the fight more personal,” says Caleb Plant.

“Lo que pasó en conferencia con Canelo hizo la pelea más personal”, asegura Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant, next rival of Saúl “Canelo” ÁlvarezHe noted that the blows that both fighters exchanged at the press conference a few days ago made the fight much more personal than before.

“I don’t think I need to be more motivated than I already am to fight for the undisputed world super middleweight championship,” he said. Caleb Plant. “It’s a fight that we both obviously want to win. Maybe the emotions of Canelo They exploded at the press conference and I reacted. Those things happen”.

Caleb Plant assures that with that incident at the press conference, the fight with Canelo It has become more personal and has something else to prove.

“I was surprised by what happened at the press conference,” he added to the media. “If anything, he made it more personal. It has always been important to beat him, but now I have something else on my shoulder ”.

The things Plant claims to be better than Canelo at

Caleb Plant He assured that he is confident that with his skills he can beat the Mexican champion and snatch his titles from him.

“I think there are a handful of things that I am better at than Canelo in the ring, “he said. “But the only way to find out is to tune in on November 6. It won’t matter what I say now, people won’t believe me anyway. I’d rather show them than tell them. I’ve only had 21 fights as a pro, but a lot of those fights have been on the big stage. I have been fighting at a high level for a long time and I have a lot of experience. Everything is going to help me on fight night, ”he warned.

The holder of the title of the FIB The super middleweight man said he was highly motivated and with a winning mentality for the fight on November 6.

“I know this is the biggest fight I have had so far in my career, and that is the goal, to keep moving forward,” he said. Plant. “I want each fight to be bigger than the last fight. This is nothing I haven’t asked for. I want this and I feel like I’m ready for it. “

Caleb Plant’s coach sees his pupil beating “Canelo”

Justin gamber said have respect for Saul Alvarez, but believe that Plant he is ready to defeat him in the next battle.

Caleb It will be 110 percent ready on November 6. Believe me when I say that there is not a fighter on the face of the earth who does not have weaknesses, “he said. “Canelo he is where he is because he earned his place. He’s a great fighter, but he’s not a perfect fighter. It has weaknesses and we are going to exploit them ”, he pointed out.

“I know people are overlooking Caleb. That is perfect for us. Caleb It’s like me, because throughout our lives, when someone told us we couldn’t do something, we loved to prove them wrong. It just drives us even more, ”he said.

Plant knows that a victory before Canelo I’d put it on the horns of the moon and many contracts and better bags would be opened to him.

“Being indisputable will cement my name in the boxing history books forever,” he said. “That’s why I do this. That is what I set out to achieve when I started boxing, “he said.

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