“You can’t leave boxing just like that”: Moisés Fuentes shakes off the nightmare of Chocolatito and comes out of retirement

Moisés Fuentes retiro

Moses Fuentes has more than three years without fighting and was very close to retirement after falling to Román “Chocolatito” González in August 2018. However, his love for boxing and the desire to do something have him back, with the same enthusiasm as a rookie and sure that the talent does not have an expiration date.

“You can’t just leave boxing like that,” he confessed. Sources in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “For a while I thought about retiring. I felt that boxing was over, but no, it is not over in terms of taste, desire and love of boxing. So I took this time off, I never stopped training, but now I want to fight again ”.

Moisés Fuentes and the defeat with Chocolatito that led him to retirement

The last fight of Sources It happened on September 15, 2018, when he lost by technical knockout in five rounds to one of the best pound for pound in the world: Chocolatito González.

It was precisely by watching a replay of the same battle that Moses Fuentes opted for retirement.

“I’m going to confess when I thought about retirement,” he revealed Moi Fuentes. “When I saw the replay of the fight with Roman I said: ‘It’s over, I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to receive those blows, boxing is over.’

That day, Moi He knew about the challenge ahead and confirmed it very early in the fight. Just in the second round, he was already bleeding from his right eyebrow after the Nicaraguan’s constant beating. It was just the beginning of an ordeal that, some time later, had him close to final retirement.

The minutes passed like hours that night at the T-Mobile Arena. And even though Moses tried to react, it was impossible because of the rhythm and forcefulness that the Chocolatito. The punishment was intense and precise, to the soft zones and to the face of the Mexican, who was connected with a brutal right in the fifth round to fall limp.

Moisés Fuentes was knocked out by Chocolatito González

Moisés Fuentes wants to box three or four more years

After a long break, a temporary retreat, Moses Fuentes considers that he is in a position to do something good like other former world champions who took time before returning to activity and showing his capabilities in the ring.

“Now that I see that I am young and the sparring I do with young people, I say that I am still strong, I am going to take three or four more years of boxing, surely,” he says. Moi Fuentes. “People know that all the great champions return, Erik morales, Floyd mayweather. You can’t quit boxing. This time that I took off was taken by others, I never stopped training, but now I want to go back to the ring to fight ”.

After winning world titles in two divisions, the straw and the interim light fly of the OMB, Sources gives extra value to your career. It stands out that four of the six defeats in his record were against the best in the world, such as Donnie nietes, Kosei tanaka, Daigo Higa and the Chocolatito.

With Nietes was measured twice and both times in the Philippines, the first with a close draw and great performance by Sources in 2013. Then, he was knocked out a year later in the same country. With Tanaka and Fig, also in world title fights, went to face them against Japan. In his last fight, in 2018, he lost to the Chocolatito.

“I have lost with people that I did not have a chance,” he acknowledges. Moi. “They are big stars.”

His return to boxing is not about money

For the fight before Roman, Moi Fuentes received good pay. He invested it in apartments that he rents and that now they give him to live in, in addition to Alfredo Quintana gave him a job as a coach at the gym The old guard.

“With it I won against Roman I made apartments that I rent ”, he explains Sources. “Also, they treated me well in The old guard, a friend’s boxing gym. I asked him for a job, I was with him and he taught boxing, he had no problem. I stayed that way for a long time and now they gave me the opportunity to fight again back in the gym.

He recognized that on his return there is no good pay, only love of the profession. What he will earn will barely cover his training expenses. Nevertheless, Moi he knows that a triumph could lead him back to the close-ups and fights where he is charged in dollars.

“He is charging better in the box (at present), but I rule it out in this fight,” he asserts. Moi Fuentes. “They will not pay me as with the Chocolatito or Daigo Higa. There is no money in this fight, I’m going to do it for love. I know I have to win this fight to get the big bags back in dollars. This bag will only be to cover training expenses, there is no big pay ”.

“Don’t forget me,” asks Moi Fuentes

A few hours from flying to Cancun, Quintana Roo for his official return after three years before David cuéllar, Moses Fuentes claims that the desire to put the gloves back on was reborn. And he is ready to prove it, sure that he has a lot to do in this sport that has given him so much satisfaction. He is convinced that there is still Moses for a while.

“Do not forget me, know that I still have a little life left in boxing,” he said. Sources. “I just turned 34, it’s a great age. I see great champions whose career ends at 38 or 39. I do not think that in five years I could not do something else, talent does not have an expiration date. I continue with the same desire, with the same hunger and talented, I will continue to want him ”.

Last weekend, the former straw and flyweight world champion closed his more than three-month preparation with a sparring session. He declared himself ready for the lawsuit with Cuellar, where he must show that he can be in the foreground, aware that there will be no excuses before the young and undefeated general.

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