Argentina XV, with the return of Grondona and eight Pumas

Argentina XV, with the return of Grondona and eight Pumas

The Head Coach of the team, Ignacio Fernández Lobbe, confirmed the squad of Argentina XV that will compete in the Americas Pacific Challenge in Montevideo, Uruguay, on October 22, 26 and 30 next, where they will be measured against USA Selects, Paraguay A and Uruguay A, respectively.

In the Albiceleste delegation there will be eight players who were part of Los Pumas in the last Zurich Rugby Championship (Martínez, Ruiz, Zeiss, Fernández Criado, Simes, Gorrissen, Mare and Mendy), while The third row formed in Champagnat and passing through Newcastle, Santiago Grondona, returns after an injury, Puma number 867.

For its part, Eight of the team’s participants participated in the selected M20 that participated in this year’s U20 International Series in South Africa, including its captain, the third line from Corrientes formed in Aranduroga, San Patricio (Corrientes) and Atlético del Rosario, Jerónimo Gómez Vara (along with Rubiolo, Piccardo, Pisani Caride, Ruiz, Toth, Vera Feld and Coronel).

Ignacio Fernández Lobbe – Head Coach of Argentina XV:

“The assembly of the list was a little chatted with Mario Ledesma (Head Coach of Los Pumas), giving minutes to players who could not play in the Zurich Rugby Championship, and that is a good contribution, in addition to the young people who graduated from the M20 , to amalgamate them in this M23 tournament, thinking of a template for SLAR 2022 ”.

“The participation of players who were in the Zurich Rugby Championship adds to the team the experience of being at the highest level, of living 24/7 a pure professionalism and high competition, just like those who participated in the SLAR”.

“The objectives are to try to improve, to seek dynamism and values ​​for the future, to be consistent during the 80 minutes of the game and to be regular when attacking and defending.”

The campus:

Rodrigo Martínez (Puma 876 – Los Tordos – Cuyo), Nicolás Revol Pitt (La Tablada – Cordobesa), Nicolás Toth (Lomas Athletic – URBA), Ignacio Ruiz (Bella Vista Regattas – URBA), Mariano Muntaner (Tucumán RC – Tucumán) , Gonzalo Hughes (San Isidro Club – URBA), Juan Pablo Zeiss (Puma 856 – Los Matreros – URBA), Javier Coronel (University of La Plata – URBA), Rodrigo Fernández Criado (Belgrano Athletic – URBA), Conrado Roura (Palermo Bajo – Cordobesa), Lautaro Simes (Tala – Cordobesa), Santiago Grondona (Puma 867 – Champagnat – URBA), Jerónimo Gómez Vara (Atlético del Rosario – URBA), Francisco Gorrissen (Puma 870 – Belgrano Athletic – URBA), Juan Bautista Pedemonte ( Santiago Lawn Tennis – Santiagueña), Pedro Rubiolo (CRAR de Rafaela – Santafesina), Joaquín Pellandini (Buenos Aires Cricket & Rugby Club – URBA), Rafael Iriarte (CUBA – URBA), Martín Elías (Atlético del Rosario – URBA), Santiago Mare (Regattas of Bella Vista – URBA), Juan Pablo Castro (San Juan RC – Sanjuanina), Martín Bog ado (Jockey Club de Córdoba – Cordobesa), Gerónimo Prisciantelli (CASI – URBA), Justo Piccardo (San Isidro Club – URBA), Tomás Cubilla (Alumni – URBA), Santiago Vera Feld (San Andrés – URBA), Ignacio Mendy (Puma 873 – Los Tilos – URBA), Francisco Pisani Caride (Regattas of Bella Vista – URBA) and Boris Wenger (Jockey Club of Villa María – Cordobesa).

The tournament fixture:

Friday October 22:

Chile A – Paraguay A

Argentina XV – USA Selects

Brazil A – Uruguay A

Tuesday, October 26:

Brazil A – USA Selects

Argentina XV – Paraguay A

Chile A – Uruguay A

Saturday October 30

Brazil A – Paraguay A

Chile A – USA Selects

Argentina XV – Uruguay A

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