Chemistry between Justin Herbert and Mike Williams elevates Chargers to new heights

Chemistry between Justin Herbert and Mike Williams elevates Chargers to new heights

In Los Angeles, the quarterback and his wide receiver have connected in an almost surreal way this season.

COSTA MESA – If you have a stellar quarterback, you need – at least – a big, strong, smart wide receiver who can take the long pass.

Los Angeles Chargers They have “Big Mike” to fill that … Mike williams. They call him “Big Mike” because he has all the qualities mentioned above. At 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 218 pounds, he has generated some of the most defining catches in games this season.

Look at last Sunday, the victory over the Cleveland browns, when Williams had two monstrous touchdown catches: one for 48 yards, which he gave to the Chargers a 28-27 lead early into a wild fourth quarter, and a previous touchdown in which he came dancing only to the end zone after a 72-yard throw from Justin herbert.

Add up a catch on third and 10 for the first down and a pass interference call created on the fourth down during a fourth-quarter series that tied the game, eventually leading to the first of the runner’s two last-quarter touchdowns. Austin ekeler –the one in which Browns They didn’t get him into the end zone, and “Big Mike” was on.

Williams set a career-high 165 yards on eight receptions, and quickly praised his rising quarterback, Herbert, who threw for 398 yards and four touchdowns, in addition to adding one more on the ground.

“We must score every time we have the ball,” he recalled. Williams what did he say Herbert in the countryside. “And we said, ‘Sure, we have your back’ … Herbert brings leadership. A great quarterback. Presence”.

The success of Herbert it is based on your ability to place the ball just in the exact spot with a variety of receivers: Ekeler, wide receivers Keenan allen and Jalen guyton, and the tight ends Jared cook and Donald parham jr. And, of course, “Big Mike”, who has not only helped Herbert become a serious candidate for the award as NFL Most Valuable PlayerBut he’s also on his way to a huge payday when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season.

Despite its large size and even higher production, Williams He’s not exactly the most talkative, so during matches, it depends on Allen to stay on. After one of the fourth quarter touchdowns of Ekeler Sunday – not that one–, Allen approached the bench and stared at Williams, who was sitting there.

“What?” He asked Williams to Allen.

“It doesn’t mean anything without [victoria]”, said Allen.

“Eh?” Williams.


“Sure,” he replied Williams.

They were victorious, leaving the Chargers at 4-1 and on top of the AFC West ahead of Sunday’s confrontation against the Baltimore Ravens, also at 4-1.

The success of Williams this season is not completely unexpected. has shown flashes since he was recruited seventh overall by the Chargers in 2017. Even after dealing with injuries as a rookie, Williams he led the team with 10 touchdown receptions in 2018 and had a 1,000-yard campaign in 2019. Last season, he had 48 catches for 756 yards and five touchdowns.

But, this year it feels different. Herbert and Williams They have connected on an almost surreal level. He has caught 31 passes for 471 yards and six touchdowns, one more than last season. He has made a difference and is one step ahead of breaking his previous personal records in various categories.

“We have done a better job of distributing it and getting the ball to him,” he explained. Herbert. “Noting it’s a nightmare and how it’s built, it’s not luck. He’s worked hard and he’s done a lot of work in the offseason. All those times we pitched in the offseason are paying dividends.”

Williams It’s a nightmare to face Imagine being a 5-foot-10-inch safety, watching the Incredible Hulk leap overhead.

“The guy is a fantastic receiver,” stressed the head coach of the Chargers, Brandon Staley. “He can beat you in the deep end of the field, he can beat you at the first or second level. He can move between formations and what you see is a guy who, when a play is required, he can. He can.”

The chemistry between Williams and Herbert It has only gotten stronger week by week. They’ll need it on Sunday against the Ravens, who have a fired quarterback of their own in Lamar jackson, who led Baltimore to a comeback victory from a 16-point deficit over the Indianapolis Colts on Monday.

Williams He did not practice Wednesday due to a knee issue, but is expected to be fine for Sunday.

“We believe in him,” he said Herbert from Williams. “He’s one of the best is those kinds of plays with the ball overlooked.”

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